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Haryana Police establishes Anti-Narcotics Cell to combat drug menace

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Chandigarh, June 7, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

In a bid to effectively rein in the drug menace, Haryana Police has set up specialized drug enforcement machinery in the form of Anti-Narcotics Cells (ANCs) in all districts in the state.

Disclosing this here today, Director General of Police, Mr Manoj Yadava said that this cell would have three-tier set up at the State, Range and district level to tackle drug menace in a holistic manner through enforcement, education, engagement and liaison with different agencies both civil and police at different levels.

He said that State level ANC would be headed by IG/ Special Task Force and would be assisted by one SP, 2 DSPs, 4 Inspectors and 15 NGOs and others. One unit of this cell would be stationed at Panchkula. The Range ANC would function under the direct supervision of Range ADGs/IGs. They would be assisted by their respective range staff including ADA.

Their role would be of supervision of the District ANC’s and plugging the loopholes. Similarly, the District ANC will be headed by a DSP level officer and assisted by Inspector CIA and 7 to 15 NGOs and other ranks, depending on the drug situation in the district. District SP will directly review and supervise the work of District ANC. Commissionerate’s will have single District ANC and Commissioner of Police would also perform the tasks of Range ANC.

The DGP said that all ANC officials would undergo one week training module on control of narcotics at Haryana Police Academy Madhuban. These trained officials will further train other Investigating Officers in the district on NDPS Act cases investigation.

Tasks of State ANC will be to:

· Coordinate with external drug control agencies like National Crime Bureau, neighbouring states, interstate Drug Secretariat, opium producing states, etc. and district and range ANCs to identify the complete narcotics supply chain including routes of drugs reaching Haryana. It will also identify the possibility of narco-terrorism having links with Haryana based drug cartels.

· Create database of kingpins of drug cartels, major financers, and criminals arrested in drugs related cases of more than Rs. 50 lakh. ANC will regularly monitor their activities and keep tab on the money trail of their overt and covert businesses using human and technically.

· Keep record of major pharmaceutical manufacturers whose medicines can be diverted for drug abuse and catch such illicit drug diversion and its perpetrators.

· Dissemination of intelligence about hotspots of drug supplies like Cannabis from HP, Opium from Rajasthan and MP, etc. to Range and District ANCs so that field units can effectively curb the supply of Narcotics.

· Raid and arrest the violators of NDPS act and participate in interstate investigations.

· Review and assist the investigation of all high value (> Rs.50 lacs) NDPS cases in Haryana with the aim of increasing probability of conviction by preventing all the pitfalls that lead to acquittal. It will ensure that section 68F of NDPS Act is effectively implemented in all NDPS cases to attach the properties of the beneficiaries.

· Designing training modules for the intelligence collection and investigation of NDPS cases for field units with collaboration with HPA.

· Learn the best practices of drug menace control adopted by other states and central agencies.

· Submit monthly report to DGP Haryana about the activities and the achievements of the cell.

Tasks of Range ANC will be to:

· Monitor the performance of District level ANCs in the range to optimize their effectiveness.

· Scrutinize the NDPS Act cases investigation and plug the loopholes in the compliance of NDPS Act that could lead to acquittal of the criminals.

· Handle the enquiries and complaints in NDPS Act cases and keep vigil such that the strong provisions of the Act are not misused.

· Sharing of information about the cartels and movement of drugs within the range.

· Spearheading the community outreach program for creating awareness about the drug menace in the state, engagement with different stakeholders including various government departments, NGOs and rehabilitation of drug addicts with the help of field units in this aspect.

· Comply the instructions issued in DGP’s SO No.143/2017 for seizure, sampling, storage and disposal of NDPS.

· Ensure supply of proper FSL kits to the IOs of the NDPS Act cases for scientific collection of evidence.

Tasks of District ANC will be to:

· Identify all the known and potential drug peddlers who operate in their area of responsibility and create a computerized database that would store all the relevant details useful to keep tab on narcotics related illegal activities. This database should include the details of kingpins and financers of narcotics trade even if they are from other districts but having impact in that local area. ANC will regularly monitor their activities, keep tab on the money trail of their overt and covert businesses using human and technical surveillance and take action against the abettors and conspirators, aiding the sale of drugs as per Section 29 of NDPS Act.

· Raid and arrest the violators of NDPS Act and investigate the NDPS cases in the district in which contraband is valued more than Rs. 5 lakh. ANC will follow the supply chain to make sure that majority of arrested people are not just small time drug couriers but are at least 3rd or 4th level suppliers and financers. District ANC will also do Pairvi of such cases in the court including witness protection to increase rate of conviction and protect the informers.

· Conduct the proceedings of attachment of property of criminals convicted under the NDPS Act bought from the proceeds of selling drugs u/s 68F of NDPS Act.

· Get its manpower trained in investigating NDPS Act cases and further train IOs of the district for the better compliance of NDPS Act procedures.

· Identify high prevalence drug usage areas and highly vulnerable places such as Universities and Colleges. ANC police officials will regularly patrol these areas to curb free flow and easy availability of drugs and also with aim to develop sources among drug users.

· Engage in creating awareness about drugs and other educational activities by liaising with district administration, NGOs, educational and health department. This would help in collection of intelligence about drug suppliers and keep control over illegal sale of Pharmaceutical products and misuse of rehabilitation centres. ANC will also sensitize all IOs about drug menace and ensure that all arrested persons are medically examined for drug dependence and timely intimation to prison authorities so that they can be sent to de-addiction centres.

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