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Guru Nanak Documentary premiered in Delhi, gets applauded

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New Delhi, February 27, 2020 –

Over 200 people attended the premiere of the Documentary on Guru Nanak on Tuesday at National Museum in Delhi which was organized by Young Progressive Sikh Forum.

This film titled ‘Guru Nanak The Founder of Sikhism Life and Legacy’ has been made with the support of National Sikh Campaign in USA. This film by Auteur Productions has received the ‘Best Director’s Award at Los Angeles‘s Awareness Film Festival last year and it will be shown on 200 TV stations across America by the PBS channel.

Many prominent personalities from all over Delhi were present in the audience to witness this first ever documentary made in English language on Guru Nanak. Former Union Minister Manohar Singh Gill, MP Tarlochan Singh, Business Tycoon Raju Chadha, Dr. Jaspal Singh, Former Vice Chancellor Punjabi University, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, President Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, Vikramjit Sahney, President World Punjabi Organization, Dr. Mohinder Singh of Bhai Vir Singh Sahit Sadan, Artist Arpana Kaur and DIG Partap Singh of the Sikh Forum were among those who saw the film. The hall full of audience applauded as the film ended.

Dr. Rajwant Singh, Senior adviser to the National Sikh Campaign shared his opening remarks said “This documentary is being received very positively by the western audience. It is primarily made to educate Americans about Guru Nanak since there is general ignorance about him. While his 550th anniversary is being celebrated, we wanted to present him as a world teacher through this film.”

Dr. Rajwant Singh shared that it took 10 months to complete the documentary with the budget of $430000 and filming was done at United States, Pakistan and India.

Manohar Singh Gill said, “I am impressed with the entire presentation and it is a unique concept of presenting Guru Nanak’s impact in the world. Not only this film is needed to inform the Western world about Guru Nanak, there is still a greater need to educate people within India. There are many regions of this country which have no understanding about the Guru and Sikhism.

Vikram Singh Sahney said, “This was much needed effort and I applaud the entire team for producing this film. We will support the screenings of this film in many parts of India and support the dubbing in many languages.”

Tarlochan Singh said, “This is the first time Guru Nanak has been presented so beautifully. We should pay more attention to presenting Sikhism in this manner and individual Sikhs should contribute towards a collective fund through which these kinds of initiatives can be funded. This film shows how Sikhs are spreading Guru Nanak’s message through their deeds. Sikhs of USA ought to be thanked for their vision and this initiative.”

Dr. Jaspal Singh said, “This film represents Guru Nanak’s thought in a modern idiom and that is the only medium which will connect the young people with the teachings of the Great Guru. Our community organizations ought to reform our communication modalities and adopt the tools of today’s world. The film team deserves our appreciation for opening this path.”

Manjinder Singh Sirsa said, “DSGMC will show this film in all its schools and colleges and we will help in spreading the message and make it available to as many audiences as possible.”

Guru Nanak Documentary Premiere Delhi

Raju Chadha offered to assist in showing this film in many parts of India. He said, “I thank Auteur Productions for this wonderful piece of art and how they have managed to show Guru Nanak’s message in an engaging manner. One does not feel distracted even for a minute.”

Parmeet Singh Chadha of YSPF thanked the audience and said, “We are very sure that young people will able to connect with Guru Nanak’s teachings through this film.”

Prabhleen Singh of YSPF thanked all the guests and supporters of this screening premiere.

He added “It is so good to see so many eminent world leaders from other faiths have expressed admiration for Guru Nanak and his teachings in this film.”


Along with the historical information, this film very successfully depicts how Sikhs are carrying forward Guru Nanak’s Legacy through social service and honest living in the United States and how his teachings are still relevant.

The film is now being shown on various cities in United States which includes narration by reputable religious figures such as Bishop Chane, a Christian leader and former head of the Washington National Cathedral; Rabbi David Rosen, a Jewish authority and well respected interfaith leader; Bob Thurman, a Buddhist scholar and one of Time magazine’s 50 most influential people; Dr. Saran, a Hindu scholar from Georgetown University. Also featured are well-respected authors including Ambassador Navtej Sarna, Roopinder Singh, Nikky Guninder Kaur, and Kamla Kapur.

Many Sikhs from all over United States and a select few contributed to make this film.

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