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Guru Nanak Dev University celebrates 52nd Foundation Day with great enthusiasm

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Amritsar, November 24, 2021 (Yes Punjab News)
Guru Nanak Dev University celebrated 52nd Foundation Day with great enthusiasm here today at various venues in the University campus. Academicians, scholars, students and eminent personalities participated in these celebrations and had Guru Ka Langar together arranged by the University. Folklore, Painting (Topic:Guru Nanak Dev University Architectural and Landscaping Marvel) and book exhibitions were organized in front of Bhai Gurdas Library and in the Gallery-History & Dreams at the University campus.

Dr. Karamjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor, Jagat Guru Nanak Dev University, Patiala and Prof. Raghuvendra Tanwar, Professor Emeritus (Modern History) Kurukshetra University & Director, Haryana Academy of History and Culture delivered academic lectures in the Guru Granth Sahib Auditorium of the University. While welcoming, Prof. Hardip Singh, Dean Academic Affairs presented the report of the development of the University since its inception.

Prof. Anish Dua, Dean Student’s Welfare conducted the proceedings. Prof. K.S. Kahlon, Registrar presented vote of thanks. Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Vice Chancellor honored guest speakers with mementos on behalf of the University. On this occasion a large number of dignitaries, employees and students were present.

Dr. Karamjit Singh in his academic lecture said that the philosophical aspects of Guru Nanak Bani and Sakhis could lead the world academics because these aspects have lots of possibilities to inculcate the challenges regarding academics. He said that dialogue tradition given by Guru Nanak Dev ji is pioneer of pattern of interfaith understanding. He was in continuous dialogue with people of other faiths. The Siddh Gosht is an example of such a dialogue that is enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib.

While recitation of sakhi of Multan, he said that Guru Nanak Dev ji explained that the pot full of milk signified that there were many religious teachers in Multan and the sufis feared that adding one more would result in the displacement of another. But Guru ji wanted to tell them that he had no intention of displacing anyone; he only wanted to add the fragrance of his teachings.

Just as jasmine brought fragrance to milk, he said that similarly Guru ji’s teachings add to the teachings of the sufi saints. He said that the message was that there was always the scope for living in a multi-religious society and one needed to be open-minded to accept things.

He said that Guru Nanak Dev ji travelled to various religious places of diverse faiths with his Bhai Mardana. He said that the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji are relevant to whole humanity irrespective of caste, creed and religion. He said that today the need of hour is to interpret knowledge in the right direction for the benefit of all and not to mix knowledge with ego as both never exists together.

He said that our education institutes while following the path shown by Guru Nanak Dev ji should concentrate on wisdom, emotion and skills and show the right path to students to achieve their targets.

While delivering academic lecture on ‘Jammu & Kashmir – 1947-1953 Key Issues & Contemporary Understanding, Prof. Raghuvenra Tanwar said that The Princely state of Jammu & Kashmir was the largest among all such states in 1947, being located on the edge of the Indian sub-continent, it had borders with three countries. The state’s populace was largely Muslim (above 77 per cent in 1947) but the ruling family was Hindu.

Kashmir had for ages been a part of the composite Indian frame. A shared language, a shared history, shared customs, shared food, dress and art, music and culture. It was the Kingdom of the great Lalitaditya, the region where ancient Indian languages and scriptures flourished, the home of Saivisism and the cradle of Hinduism and perhaps Buddhism as well. Could Kashmir be different just because at some time in its history people had converted or were forced to convert their faith. He said that history can’t be separated from geography.

In the overall historical perspective and something that is commonly overlooked is also the fact that well before the region became the centre of contention between India and Pakistan, it had begun to draw the world’s attention. Stories were published in various newspapers of 1946 & 1950. At the height of the cold war some even suggested the region’s possible use as a launch pad for military action against the then USSR, he added.

He said that contemporary views recorded in whatever form – newspapers, reports, diaries or just simple notes, expressed as they are in the heat of the moment with natural spontaneity are more likely to contain hidden meaning and new light.

In the evening, special Kirtan Darbar at the University Gurdwara Sahib was organized followed by Langer .

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