Gulzar pens a poetic appeal in support of lockdown

Mumbai. March 29, 2020-

‘Eminent poet-filmmaker-author Gulzar has penned a few lines in his inimitable poetic style, as an appeal for adherence during on the ongoing national lockdown.

In the appeal that he posted on Facebook, he addresses the need to stay at home till the bad times pass. This is necessary, he reminds us, not just to save our homes, locality, cities and nation, but also to save the whole world.

He captioned the video as “Ghar me rahe.n, Mehfooz rahe.n (Stay home, stay safe)”.

Gulzar’s appeal:


Bada sakht waqt aan pada hai
Humein isse guzarna hoga

Balki, dua kijiye ke waqt jaldi se guzar jaaye
Waqt rehta nahin kahin pe tikkar

Iski aadat bhi aadmi si hai
Aap ruk jaaiye

Yeh waqt bhi nikal jaayega
Yeh waqt khairiyat se nikal jaaye

Uske liye aapka ruk jaana lazmi hai
Apne hi ghar mein nazarbandh hona zaroori hai

Ghar mein nazarbandh hona aadatan, fitratan
Aadmi ko manzoor nahin hota

Lekin iss baar yeh nazarbandhi kabool kar lijiye
Isme sirf aap hi ka bhala nahin

Poori insaani nasl ka bhala hai
Sirf hamare ghar, mohalle, sheher aur desh mein nahin

Yeh poori duniya mein ho raha hai
Ghar ke baahar kadam uthane se pehle

Rukiye, sochiye aur laut jaayiye
Ghar mein rahiye, mehfooz rahiye


Tough times are upon us
That we need to survive

Rather, pray that these times pass in haste
Time never stops at a place

For it behaves like humans

Be still

And the times shall pass
For these times to pass smoothly

You need to slow down
You need to be detained at home

To be detained is, by nature and spirit
Against human will

But submit to detention this time
It will not just benefit you

It benefits entire human race
This is not just about our homes, locality, cities and nation

It is happening in the entire world
Before stepping out

Stop, think and go back
Stay at home, stay safe


An Appeal

Ghar me rahe.n, Mehfooz rahe.n

Posted by Gulzar on Saturday, March 28, 2020

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