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Grandmaster Shifuji wants change in Article 19 to stop insulting portrayal of Army in TV, films

New Delhi, June 8, 2020-

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj popularly known as Legendary Master Jee, is a pioneer in the Elite Commandos mentoring and extreme fitness boot camps industry.

Grandmaster Shifuji is the only foreign citizen and first-ever Indian citizen to have completed the graduation certification course and PhD certification course from Israel in counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism and urban combat. He is also an actor, action choreographer, freelance commando mentor and chief action designer.

He is the founder of ‘Mission Prahar’, founded in 1999 to educate, train and empower the women with Mitti Martial Art’s self-defence survival tactics across rural India, and has trained more than 40 lakh women free of cost. He has a huge following that believes in the Indian Armed Forces and apolitical patriotism.

Master Shifuji recently raised strong objection over Ekta Kapoor’s web series “TripleX-2”, which had stirred controversy for allegedly insulting the Army uniform protocol and the portrayal of an Army officer’s wife in a now-deleted scene.

The case had become even more controversial after a video of Master Shifuji went viral along with his direct tweets to the President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, concerned ministers and authorities. Master Jee demanded immediate amendments with reasonable restrictions in Article 19 Freedom of Expression to ensure such scenes insulting the Army are not allowed in the future.

Shifuji video went viral and crossed seven million views in one day. In the video comment section, we noticed the anger of people over the Army depiction in Ekta’s show, but many people used dirty words and shot abuses at Ekta Kapoor.

However, like a true Indian by heart and soul, Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji also tweeted against the people who were abusing Ekta Kapoor for the controversial scene in her web series.

“Notice – In any dispute, It may be right to ask a woman to be punished by the process of law against whoever she is, but it is absolutely wrong to say or write about the character, family of any woman and her murder, rape, or I am firmly against it. I am #MasterShifuji,” he tweeted.

Ekta Kapoor announced on Saturday that she had deleted the controversial scene, which had invited much trouble for the producer, including a police complaint in Gurugram’s Palam Vihar police station and an FIR in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The controversial scene had landed the makers in a spot, with the hashtag #ALTBalaji_Insults_Army trending on Twitter all through last week.

The video by Grandmaster Shifuji explains that the Indian Army, who has been fighting with courage and loyalty for India, is defamed by such depiction. He talks of how soldiers face hardship and still have been dedicated to their duty.

He also mentions that National Security, Sovereignty and Integrity of Bharat is supreme. In the context of the controversial scene, Grandmaster Shifuji has demanded immediate amendment with reasonable restrictions in Article 19 Freedom of Expression, to ensure such scenes insulting the Army are not allowed in the future.

We salute the Army officers and their families for their dedication, and we believe that they would get justice for being defamed on the Indian national television. (Agency)

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