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Get ready for Modi as PM for 5 more years: Amit Shah to Mamata Banerjee

Ghatal (West Bengal), May 7, 2019-

Ridiculing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s claim that she does not consider Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday said she should rather prepare herself for another five years as Modi is set to return at the helm following the Lok Sabha polls.

“Mamatadi (Banerjee) has recently said that she does not consider Modiji the Prime Minister. Tell me, Mamatadi, do you have faith in the country’s Constitution or not?

“The Constitution states that whoever is chosen by the people becomes the Prime Minister. It does not matter if you accept this or not,” Shah said at an election rally in Ghatal parliamentary constituency.

“Be prepared for another five years as Modi is going to become the Prime Minister once again,” he said amid massive cheers and chants of “Modi-Modi” by the BJP supporters present at the rally.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s allegation of not receiving his calls, Banerjee had on Monday said she refused a meeting with Narendra Modi over the Cyclone Fani impact as she does not consider him the country’s Prime Minister.

“I do not consider him the country’s Prime Minister. Hence I did not sit for the meeting. I do not want to be seen with him on the same platform. I will speak to the next Prime Minister. We can take care of the cyclone damage by ourselves. We do not need the Centre’s help ahead of polls,” Banerjee said.

Hailing the BJP’s Ghatal Lok Sabha candidate and former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh, who once shared a cordial relationship with Banerjee before they had a falling out, Shah said Banerjee is angry with Ghosh because she refused to follow the illegal orders issued by the Bengal government. Ghosh had resigned last year.

The BJP chief also said that the attendance at his rally despite the hindrance and intimidation by Trinamool Congress supporters and the state administration, clearly showed that Ghosh will achieve a resounding victory in the constituency.

“People told me the rally will not be successful in Ghatal as Mamata and her party are stopping people from coming here. I told them, even if there are just 25 people, I will still go to rally for our sister Bharati Ghosh. She is facing Mamatadi’s wrath as she refused to obey her illegal orders,” he said.

Reiterating his party’s stand on infiltrators, Shah said after the BJP government comes back to power it will implement the NRC across the country and will throw out every single infiltrator from here.





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