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For AAP election not a means of grabbing power but to bring a change in society & country: Kejriwal

Chandigarh, January 9, 2022 (Yes Punjab News)
Pitching for positive & honest electoral campaigning in the poll bound states, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal addressed all AAP Punjab volunteers today in a virtual meeting. Shri Kejriwal stated — For AAP election is not a means of grabbing power but to bring a change in the society and the whole country.

AAP’s motive is not to overthrow one party to bring another but to eliminate the entire corrupt regime from its roots to implement a system of honesty and integrity. AAP has proven that elections can be fought and won with honesty; Delhi Government a living testimony of how honest governments cannot just survive but create examples for the future.

AAP has proven in Delhi that government schools can be revolutionised to world-class levels and children of the poor can get the same pedestal as children of the rich. We are competing against a corrupt system, era old parties with endless treasuries; but we surpass their wealth with our spirit and Deshbhakti. Election campaigning should be an opportunity to commit to Seva; before anything else, provide whatever help the people need.

Go among the people to tell them how we have transformed schools, hospitals, roads, electricity-water supply; convince them that AAP will implement the same radical changes when elected in their state. The idea being in government translates to ministers and MLAs enjoying free services while the public runs from pillar to post; AAP will change this definition. Under AAP’s watch ministers and MLAs will serve the society while the public enjoys all the facilities.

AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal addressed every volunteer of the Aam Aadmi Party today via the digital medium. Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Heartfelt greetings to everyone on the holy occasion of Parkash Parv. May Guru Maharaj Ji bless all our families with health, happiness, peace and prosperity. I hope each and every worker of the AAP is doing well and is fully prepared for the forthcoming elections. The Election Commission has announced poll dates for five states.

For the Aam Aadmi Party elections don’t mark a mere opportunity to grab power, it is not a means of overthrowing a party to get power, rather, to change the system. Merely changing parties does no good to anyone. It has been seventy years of changing one party after another in power. Could the country gain anything from it? We have identified the need to change the whole system. For us elections mean an opportunity to inflict change in the society and the whole country.”

Addressing the volunteers he said, “When you go out for election campaigning, keep this thought in your mind always —you are going out to bring change in this country like a true deshbhakt. You are not campaigning with the purpose of an electoral win but to eliminate a corrupt system from its grassroots to implement a system of honesty and integrity. The AAP Government of Delhi proved that change is possible.

Till today, these political parties told us that running a government is not that easy, it requires some element of corruption and bigotry. The AAP Government proved that governments can be run with honesty as well. These parties told us that winning an election requires truckloads of cash and even more deceit. AAP proved that elections can be fought with honesty and can also be won with honesty.”

He continued, “We used to be told that government schools cannot be good, they cannot be improved, corporates should run government schools. They used to say that the children of the poor can in no way get quality education.

Look at Delhi — the Aam Aadmi Party Government proved that schools cannot just be improved but revolutionised and the children of the poor can get to stand on the same pedestal as the children of the rich. These parties could not fix government hospitals in 75 years, but AAP did it in just five years. Change is possible! And the AAP Government of Delhi is a living testament of it. It has given this country a huge hope that politics can be revolutionised for good.

Yes, it is possible, but it is not easy. It requires dedicated effort just like the fight our ancestors fought for freedom. Back then, we fought against the Britishers, today, we are against a corrupt regime, era old parties with treasuries that have no end. What do we have? We have our spirit, we have our Deshbhakti. Every AAP volunteer should take a pledge to not rest until they eliminate this corrupt regime plaguing the country.”

He further stated, “Due to Corona, the Election Commission has imposed a variety of restrictions over election campaigning. But door to door campaigning is allowed. All our volunteers should get on to door to door campaigning with full strength.

Whenever you go to someone’s house — first ask them how they’re doing, how everyone’s health is. Before asking for votes, if they need any help, first do that. Consider this to be an opportunity to commit yourselves to seva. Then you should tell them about the AAP Government of Delhi and what all we have done in the state.

Tell them about how we have transformed schools, hospitals, roads, electricity-water supply. Tell them that AAP would do the same in your state too if it comes to power. Remember, we do not have to abuse or slander any other party or party member. We have to orchestrate a positive campaign. We have to go to every doorstep, no matter their political standings. Consider everyone to be your own, and win them over.”

He concluded, “If someone asks you why the AAP gives away freebies — ask them, if it is not a government’s duty to ensure the highest standards of education to each and every child of this country?

Is it not the duty of an able government to offer the best of healthcare for free to its citizens? Today being in government translates into ministers and MLAs getting all services and facilities for free while the public runs from pillar to post. We will change the definition of government. Now ministers and MLAs will serve the public while they enjoy the best of the facilities.

It is my heartfelt appeal to all volunteers — please seek out time from your work for a month. In the next one month we have to reach every doorstep of every household. Every booth should have a team of 10 workers who go to every house to spread our message. We are going into these polls among rising Covid cases. We have to be cautious and take care of everyone around us.

Always wear your masks and follow all the norms. Digital and social media are going to serve a very significant role in these elections. AAP volunteers are the masters of this game. I’ve seen how everyone’s active on social media throughout the day. We have to now manifest this power of ours to reach every voter in every household. All AAP volunteers are kattar-deshbhakts, the whole AAP family takes pride in it.”

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