Sunday, July 14, 2024

Fazilka becomes first district of Punjab by launching ‘Bag Free Day’ in govt primary schools

Fazilka, July 10, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

To promote a relaxed and creative environment for school children, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Senu Duggal launched the “Bag Free Day” program in Government Primary Schools across Fazilka District. The programme was launched at Government Primary School, Ekta Colony, Abohar today.

Under this innovative programme, one day in every month (last Saturday) will be “Bag Free Day” for all students of Government Primary Schools in Fazilka district. On this day, students will be engaged in various creative activities.

The program aims to provide a stress-free learning experience, enhance creativity and skills and for holistic development of children. The activities including group games, creative sessions, storytelling, role-play, yoga, science experiments, class discussions will be performed that day.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Senu Duggal said, “We are committed to work for a holistic education approach for children that is beyond textbooks. The ‘Bag Free Day’ programme is a step towards creating a more engaging and interactive environment for our students.”
The programme will be a boon for mental and physical health of children, she added

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