Father stabs daughter for wanting to study

Shahjahanpur, June 16, 2019-

In a shocking incident, a man from Shahjahanpur district in Uttar Pradesh allegedly stabbed his 15-year-old daughter with a knife and pushed her into a canal when she insisted that she wanted to continue her studies.

“My father took me to a desolate place near the canal. My brother joined him. While my brother restrained me with a cloth on the neck, my father repeatedly slashed at me from behind with a knife. I begged him to stop but he did not. He wanted me to stop my studies and get married instead,” the girl told reporters.

The girl managed to swim away and escaped. The girl’s brother-in-law told cops that she had been living with his family because her parents wanted to marry her off.

The police have taken the statement of the girl and are investigating the matter.

No arrests have yet been made.  (Agency)

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