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Fatehveer ‘fiasco’ – ‘What if, the CM of a State gives human sensibility a contemptible miss? Asks Bir Devinder Singh

I feel extremely nostalgic to comment on abominable savagery of the state, that deem to be squarely responsible for the tragic death of two-year-old Fatehveer Singh, an innocent child who fell in to a 150-ft deep bore well, while playing around it.

Perfidiously ill conceived and directionless rapid response of the state craft miserably failed after Almost 110 hours of multi-directional futile efforts, abruptly ended in to nothingness and resultantly declaring that the fateful ‘Fatehveer’ is dead.

No word in the dictionaries of languages is found appropriate, to express the inexpressible apathy of the State Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh and Chief Secretary of the State Mr. Karan Avtar Singh.

Tragic death of Fatehveer Singh is not the failure of ‘Technology and tools’, it’s certainly a colossal and regretful failure of the State Chief Minister and the caucus of his ‘courtier bureaucrats’’ at the helm; who regrettably lacked motivation and determination to rescue the innocent child alive.

What is the tangible explanation available, that could satisfy the raged sentiments of the public, besides the ill-fated family of Fatehveer Singh; as to why the Chief Minister, Minister concerned and the Chief Secretary did not bother even once, to visit the site of the incident, where rescue operation was being carried out?

Bir Devinder SinghNot only this the former Chief Minister Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Bhattal who is enjoying the gratuitously bestowed Status of the Cabinet Minister, did not consider it sensible to visit the site of the tragedy despite the place being next door to her constituency of Lahra Gaga.

The fair galaxy of white elephants, parked in the office of the Chief Minister at the state expenses, designated as ‘ The Advisors’, ‘ The Political Secretaries’, and a huge battery of OSDs, none cared to visit the wailing spectacle of the tragedy or to console the unfortunate family.

The rapid crusade of the general public also went ineffectual in the absence of farsighted directions and supervisory control of the irresponsible and confused district administration. It’s quite applicable here that whenever such a horrible incident happens anywhere; every one immediately looks for the rapid and solid State help.

Now in this case of abominable crest failure of the State Craft; who will determine, whether the State Government has followed the standard operating procedures, lay down to deal with such a terrible situation?

Therefore the State Government must and most justly order an immediate judicial enquiry in to the ‘Bore well Tragedy’, by none less than a sitting High Court judge, to probe the failure of the state craft and also with reference to; whether the standard operating procedures were immediately followed by the State Government, if not than who is responsible for not acting in accordance with the lay down procedures and guide lines.

Besides this the Congress High Command is also expected to view seriously the disgusting insensitivity shown by the non performing, absentee Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh in this entire painful episode, who prefers to run the affairs of the State by ‘Tweets’ while enjoying his sabbatical sojourn, in the cool valleys of the hills, in utter disregard; as to what is happening in the State.

Congress High Command, if any, also must answer a million dollar question; What if, the Chief Minister of a State, give human sensibility a contemptible miss?

Bir Devinder Singh is the former Deputy Speaker of Punjab
June 12, 2019.

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