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Innocent Admission

Exploring Happiness – by TS Chawla

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People in general if they want happiness in their living they will have to stop reacting towards any others – existing way of life rather they should try to learn good points from their living and those points be followed only if you have any capacity to follow practically and if not then try to learn the way successfully doing so.

But never stress yourself too hard to follow without any practice why I am writing that some people get so ambitious to see others doing something remarkable and they become anxious to adopt that and in that case you will lose a lot of energy, the life is not so easy that you can achieve anything which you imagine overnight and success comes very slowly and this type of success last longer than success achieved in a hurry and that success is possible if the operator is very powerful politics or money wise and that success crumbles like the way it comes.

So the process of achieving happiness is truly like slow and steady wins the race, You must know some people plan to amass wealth by fraudulent activities to make a hurried buck and they are caught under then law and order and then they spend their precious years in police stations or jail or courts and then whatever they earned in earlier life they also lose that then realizations dawn upon you why you develop such cravings.

In order to retain happiness never develop ego or a showman imaginations. Nature is biggest teacher and learn from the lives of those who have earned happiness which last longer as they have earned money by hard work spend wisely and with a stability of true happiness and they donot have any fear as their means are legally applied.

So learning from any others life is a true art only if learning is practically followed as per the law of nature or of the govt you are being watched by, You can have a truly prosperous life if you remain within the domain of truth of life but this condition is very tough to adopt as the neighbourhood of everything gets you so alluring you bow to it and get wrapped in it so this way if you mould your life and stick to it firmly and never get pressured under any charismatic thought then you learn the true life and if even all that you develop overconfidence even then you get entangled in that ugly picture.

If you follow the religious sermons of great gurus like Guru Nanak or Geeta and Sri Guru Granth Sahib then you will learn a lot to live a happy and spotless life but it is really tough to follow every such sermons but you try for a bit then further bit then you can reach a reasonably good life, so the world is full of odds and evens and this is your able choice to approve of depending upon the order of your inner soul.

There is no doubt a man is gheroed by such vicious circle he has to find time and way how to get out of it try to remain cool and submit yourself before nature with a prayer to grant you success, learn the right course of all adoptions.

Knowing the situations round the man should behave as per the convenience for the early solution of the complicated matters, One must first know how he can remain happy without inviting any odds. He should be so thinker to this extent that he can visualize his own way of tackling the situations.

Becoming adamant before the situations is another additions of more tooth to the trouble. You must assess your own capacity to the best ability of yours and also assess what steps be taken to untie the knot of the problem so that you can easily find way to pave smooth way for furtherance.

Happy FriendsThere are thousand means to adopt as per the strategy to keep you happy, and while practicing means for the solutions of your difficulties you should remain relaxed as when relaxed you can easily find solutions to make a way for happiness and most of all the best proposition is to be happy is that you must learn to relax your body muscles and with it your mind will work in relaxed way and now the question comes how a body can remain relaxed first we are to find out that there is no physical abnormality which disallow the body to relax and for this purpose you find a good expert to judge your total system if found normal you try some yoga exercises for relaxation and when you overcome the small constraints then you must think you are capable to find solutions of anything using your mind in relaxed way.

One art that is most important and essential and important for remaining happy that solves the intricacies itself when expertise of so many things matures you, the above all you master your mind from all sides with an art of solving any tangle which captures you and keeps in unsteady movements.

The growth of evils and difficulties should be uprooted from your habits if it is like that you must be very hilarious in building relations with any one I mean to say that you should not develop bad relationship with any body and if certain rivalry or enmity in your way then be wise and never react to anything connected with it all.

Your approach should be so palatable that the front standing man must get humbled to see your attitude and never aggravate the toughness of the evils of rivalary, be smiling to your friends all time and other people too so that they must appreciate your attitude publically.

Try to make your public image as fine as it can be as this is the best way of getting the support of anybody at any time and you should be very fine with the people who are known in the society as the runners or people who spread rumours or make impression what I mean to say is that you become society charmer and society peddler.

If you think that you can overcome any difficulty in life forget about it you must have self confidence but not so much that you can annoy the heavyweights by boasting yourself thus enhancing your complications, you be so humble and tactful in dealing with obnoxious people that they should not understand that your are behaving in that style.

Be soft and down to the earth in proving your nobility when it is the need but any rigidity towards such way will put you in more and more complications you must be master of all arts in all dealings and donot spoil your postures and body language that will expose your way.

TS ChawlaIf some body has come to beat you on something which you have done so wrong towards him or his relations the best way is you give smile and welcome him and make him busy in something interesting to both of you he will forget the real, object of him why he came to you though it may be momentarily it will ultimately bring down the anger of another man so remember this formula.

Iif you also adopt the fighting mood then it may be bloody so here is the conclusion that you should not allow the aggravation of the situations rather there is need of suppression of the atmosphere. Try to get united with society you develop yourselfs.

(Senior Journalist)
M : 93169-17706, 85919-06647

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