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Dr. Harshinder Kaur outlines role of Guru Nanak in upliftment of women at Interrligious Seminar in Switzerland

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Langenthal (Switzerland), July 5, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

An interreligious faith seminar cum dialogue took place recently at Langenthal in Switzerland during the course of which different religious heads discussed crimes against women in relation to international level problems.

The panelists airing their views included Tai Bernet, Kerem Adiguzel, Heidi Rudolph, Dr Rifa’at Lenzin, Kevin Aristide Cornelis and Dr. Harshindar Kaur. All religious representatives were very vocal in voicing their concerns about the increasing crime graph against women.

During the seminar, Dr. Harshindar Kaur, after briefing the other panelists regarding the role of Sikhs at international level and how Guru Nanak Dev ji worked for the upliftment of the women of those times, advised that philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev ji to consider women as a step above men as men are born from a female, has to be spread worldwide to which all other panellists agreed.

All were in total agreement that awareness at world level is the only solution along with sensitization of younger minds about universal harmony and respect towards women. Dr. Kaur proved with facts and figures from UN and archives that how Sikh females became physically and mentally powerful resulting in decrease in crime rate against women in 16th century.

Dr. Kundan from Switzerland ,Dr. Swaranbir from USA Founder Member of Global Sikh Council, and Dr. Gurpreet Singh thanked all delegates and panellists. In the end a memorandum was passed on the occasion of 550th year of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s centenary celebrations that interreligious faith dialogue will be held in every country involving youth so as to ensure that message of Guru Nanak Dev ji about universal harmony and respect towards women is spread throughout the world.

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