Delhi to decide whether I’m terrorist or son: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Jan 30, 2020 –

Hitting back at the BJP for “terrorist” remark against him, Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said the people of Delhi would decide if he is their “son” or a terrorist.

Speaking to the media, Kejriwal, who is also the Aam Aadmi Party’s National Convenor, said: “I have worked for five years as your son. I leave it to you to decide whether I am a son or a terrorist,” he said.

The Chief Minister made the emotional statement a day after BJP’s Parvesh Verma called him a “terrorist” while addressing a public meeting.

“In the last five years, these people did nothing except making me suffer. There were raids at my residence and my office. Various charges and cases were filed against me. When I went back to my home yesterday, I had my parents waiting for me. They were very disappointed over these statements. All that they had to say was that our son is a patriot and not a terrorist,” he said.

The Chief Minister said he tried to be a son to every family in Delhi and take responsibility for the family.

“Since the formation of our government in the last five years, I have considered every child as my own while striving to provide good education. Does that make me a terrorist? I have arranged for better treatment and medicines to the people of every household in Delhi. Does that make me a terrorist?”

He said his government made arrangements so that elders of all families could go on pilgrimage. “Does that make me a terrorist? I tried to take care of the families of the martyrs in Delhi. Does that make me a terrorist? I have never asked for anything for myself or my family. I have always tried to be of service to the people with all my heart and soul, I will sacrifice my life for the nation, if need be,” said Kejriwal.

He said he belongs to IIT Kharagpur — one of the most reputed institutions of the country.

“I was a bright student who attained good marks, I could have gone to a foreign nation like my peers. But I chose to stay back because I thought that it is only us who can work for and improve the nation. I left a job as the Income Tax Commissioner to take part in the nation’s biggest movement against corruption. Are these steps that a terrorist would take?” asked Kejriwal.

He also recalled that he has “exposed” some of the most powerful and eminent people in cases of corruption, because of which he had to suffer.

“Would a terrorist do that? I am a diabetic, I take insulin four times a day. If a patient of diabetes does not consume something every three-four hours, he/she might collapse due to low blood sugar levels. Despite being on such a high risk, I sat on a protest against corruption twice, once for 10 days and and a second time, for 15 days. Doctors would advise me against it. I risked my life for the nation,” Kejriwal said.   (Agency)