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Crab mentality exists in small towns: Super 30’s Anand Kumar

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Mumbai, July 7, 2019-

Educationist and founder of the ‘Super 30’ programme Anand Kumar says he faced several problems in continuing his journey to educate underprivileged children in Patna.

He blames the “crab in the bucket” mentality of people in small towns for all the obstacles which came his way while educating the children.

“When it comes to a big city like Mumbai, there are so many celebrities, famous people are living in harmony and no one will try to pull the other person down… but that is not how the small town culture works and it is very unfortunate.

“Crab mentality exists in small-town society and therefore many influential people tend to harass and pull down anyone who does not belong to elite, privileged society,” Kumar told.

He alongside IPS officer and educationist Abhayanand started his ‘Super 30’ programme in 2002, with the intention to provide free education to students who prepare for the Joint Entrance Exam for the Indian Institutes of Technology.

Kumar does not take any donation from any individual or organisation and is single-handedly mansging the funds for this education programme.

Kumar said: “From the time I started Super 30, my sole intention was to give those deserving children an opportunity to achieve their dream and poor financial background should never stop them.

“Of course, there are life threats I have got, my family suffered and I know we have to face that even more, but they cannot stop me.”

As the film “Super 30” , featuring Hrithik Roshan, is all set to release on July 12, Kumar hopes that his story will motivate youngsters to follow their dreams and will make them believe in the fact that “hard work always pays off, no matter which background one comes from”.

Does he look at the biopic as a new stepping stone to his success?

” Hrithik is a huge star and has a global reach to the audience…So I believe people will get to know the essence of my life in more detail now.”

Kumar’s happiness lies in his students’ success.

“It gives me immense joy when my student comes to meet me after earning his/her first salary or getting a job in some prestigious company. It feels good to see them making their parents feel proud. No materialistic gain can offer you that happiness…”

Directed by Vikas Bahl, the film “Super 30” went through a little turmoil for its release but Kumar said that he was never worried about the situation.

“Whether it is Hrithik, Vikasji or the producers of the film – everyone put a lot of hard work in the project and it is a story that’s worth waiting to come out. Since I have faced a lot of obstacles in my life since forever, my father told me that the darker the night is, the brighter the morning.

“So I was not disturbed regarding the back and forth of the release date,” he added.  (Agency)

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