CPI blasts RSS, BJP for religious bigotry in Corona times

Chandigarh, April 4, 2020 (Yes Punjab New)

At a time when the world is grappling with a crisis that threatens the existence of not just human civilization but the human race itself, the shameless attempts in India by elements backed by the ruling party to demonize people of a particular religion could be even more dangerous than the coronavirus, the Communist Party of India said in a statement.

Dr Joginder Dayal, member of the National Council of the CPI, said in a statement that while members of any religious organization that allowed mass gatherings or disregarded medical advice could certainly be brought to account, the blatant attempt to shift the entire blame on to a bunch of preachers was a clever way of shirking all responsibility.

“Who issued visas to people coming from Malaysia? Who allowed the gathering to take place? How far was the first police post from the Markaz in Delhi where these religious group leaders had been staying? Who is the real boss of the Delhi Police? All these questions will put the Modi-RSS-BJP government in the dock, but instead of answering these difficult questions, its minions are making noises about Hindu- Muslim issues,” he said.

The CPI demanded a time-bound inquiry by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court into the circumstances in which the gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat was allowed and to fix accountability as to who allowed it to happen.

Dr Dayal said it was in keeping with the communal character of the establishment that the rightwing forces are working as per their pre-corona pattern. “From the explicit anti-Muslim agenda behind the Citizenship Amendment Act to the daylight attacks on Muslims in the capital for the world to see to the hate mongering against people of a religion, the work of the religious zealots is never over,” he rued.

Dr Dayal said it was surprising that India has never been told what action the Modi government took against those who made a series of hate-mongering speeches during

the anti-CAA agitation. Instead, it is only encouraging those who are driving the wedge further.

“It is surprising that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is allowing all this to happen at a time when almost all of India’s political class was backing the government in its efforts to deal with the fallout of the cronavirus. It seems as if the government of the day had a vested interest in unravelling the political unity in the country,” he said.

“The complicity of the state was in no doubt then, and it is no doubt now. The question now is whether the other arm of the state, the judiciary, will act as a corrective, or will buckle before brute power. The signs emerging from the highest echelons of the justice dispensing machinery give little hope,” Dr Dayal said.

“The people of India have repeatedly stood up against the forces of greed, loot, plunder and apathy, but their movements have been backstabbed by those who claimed to be their leaders. The Aam Aadmi Party experiment is proving to be no different. The measured statements and clever silences of Arvind Kejriwal are doing even more damage to the people’s cause,” the communist leader said.

He said when the country should have been holding power to account, and asking why the state of healthcare was in such doldrums and why was the prime minister gathering lakhs of people in a stadium weeks after the world knew about the emergence of the novel cronavirus and the way it spreads, the prime minister is serving people a view of the circus from the balcony.

“We have a prime minister who asks people to bang pans and pots one day, locks down the country without any preparation, pushes millions of the most marginalized on the road and then serves a new nine-minute torch-lit tamasha at the doorstep. Is this how we plan to fight coronavirus?”

“We need gloves, masks, personal protection gear, hospital wards, isolation units, ventilators, sanitisers, and most of all, we need food and shelter for our hungry millions. We need succour and we need to see a leadership that looks like it is worried about millions who could fall to this deadly virus. Instead, we are being told to go and watch some religious serial, bang pans and light candles when we get free from cow urine parties,” Dr Dayal said.

He said the senior leadership in the BJP and the RSS who still have any wits about them should be worried that a few years from now when the world will re-emerge from this crisis, historians and researchers will look incredulously at the shenanigans their leaders and rank and file are indulging in now.

“The time for any clown acts is over. This is the time to talk to people about the state of preparedness, and how the government plans to prevent the economy from tanking further,” he said.  (Agency)

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