Convene Gram Sabhas in every village against contentious farm laws: Bhagwant Mann

Sangrur, September 30, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Aam Aadmi Party Punjab President and Member of Parliament (MP) Bhagwant Mann, terming Gram Sabhas as the ‘Mini Parliaments’ and powerful roots of a robust democracy, saying these could prove to be an effective weapon against the contentious agriculture legislation being implemented with brute force.

Addressing a massive gathering of people at the historic Gharachon Gram Sabha village here on Wednesday, Bhagwant Mann said the program was not a political one per se, in which representatives of all political parties, farmer organizations or others could participate.

Elaborating on this, Mann said in Gram Sabha, every voter of the respective village above the age of 18 years is deemed to its member who could participate in the proceedings.

He added after voting on a contagious issue was done, the entire proceedings needed to written in the official record of the respective panchayat, which could be used as a legal document in any court, including the apex court.

The Sangrur MP said that if any decision/ resolution adopted a village panchayat was not right and in the larger interest of the people or the respective village panchayat had passed a wrong resolution, then the villagers were within their right to convene a gram sabha meeting to discuss such a resolution threadbare and if the number of those against the resolution, the Panchayat had to reverse its decision.

Bhagwant Mann urged the gathering to take forward the ground message to convene Gram Sabhas at every village and raise a pitch against the deadly laws being forced in the state. He made a fervent appeal to the people of Punjab to rise above the petty considerations so that the anti-farm laws were not implemented in the state.

“We urge the panchayats of more than 12,000 villages across Punjab through to immediately convene Gram Sabha in their respective villages and pass resolutions against the three anti-agriculture ordinances so that the country’s benefactor – the farmers – could be saved from being robbed off by the mighty corporate houses, like the Abanis and Adanis.

The AAP leader said “It is said that when a thief steals valuables from a household and makes his way through, he leaves behind a sign to offer an alibi for the owners.

The Modi government got these controversial bills passed through both the houses of parliament through brute force, but never knew the all powerful Gram Sabha was there to get these deadly Agriculture Ordinances repealed by adopting resolution in this regard.

Mann said the anti-farmer black laws pushed through by the Modi government at the centre in collusion with Punjab CM Amarinder Singh, and the Badals, which were aimed at ruining of the farmers, besides a large number of ‘arhtiyas’, mandi labourers, book-keepers, small shopkeepers, transporters, businessmen and others associated with the chain.

Bhagwant Mann said that tyrannical governments had created such a situation that young people belonging to the farmers’ families were attaining martyrdom on the borders and farmers were committing suicide by hanging themselves to farm motors, et al, driven by heavy debt liabilities.

Mann said on an emotional note on the peppy slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, which was nowhere to be seen written on tractor-trolleys and other modes of transport. He cautioned the Amarinder-Badal-Modi trio, the brains behind pushing such laws, to face the music for their deeds.

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