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Congress sprinkling salt on wounds of Sikhs: Modi

Bathinda, May 13, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Prime minister Narendra Modi today asked the Congress party till when it would keep sprinkling salt on the wounds of the Sikhs by justifying the 1984 genocide even as he accused the party of always rewarding the genocide perpetrators with plum posts.

Addressing a mammoth gathering here during the course of which the people kept sitting despite a wind storm, the Prime Minister said Naamdar (Congress President Rahul Gandhi ) should be ashamed of his political guru and Advisor’s statement that “hua to hua“ while justifying the massacre of Sikhs in 1984. “Justice could not be given to the 1984 victims for 35 years”, the PM said adding “with the blessings of S Parkash Singh Badal we have ensured death sentence to one accused and life imprisonment to others. Those remaining will also suffer the same fate”, he added.

Mr Narendra Modi said the Congress had not only protected the accused but even made one of them – Kamal Nath the party Incharge for Punjab. He said when there was a hue and cry Kamal Nath was further promoted and made CM of Madhya Pradesh”.

The PM while speaking about Sri Kartarpur Sahib said the shrine had remained in Pakistan due to sheer indifference on the part of the Congress party in 1947. He said even now Congressmen were singing praises of Pakistan and wanted laws which contained anti national elements to be changed.

Speaking about chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh the PM said the former had defrauded farmers by promising a complete loan waiver. He also lauded union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal for her efforts to secure AIIMS for Bathinda.

In a rousing address, SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal lashed out against the “so-called Bargadi Morcha and other fake Panthic outfits” for inviting the ” the killers of thousands of Sikhs to hold a rally in Bargadi. Will those who bloodied the sacred Parkarma of Sachkhand Sri Harmandar Sahib, destroyed Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and desecrated hundreds of saroops of our holy scriptures now safeguard the sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib? What a brain-wave by Captain Amarinder and his side-kicks like the so-called Bargadi Morcha leaders” to invite a member of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s family to safegaurd the honour of Khalsa Panth. The Sikhs have not forgiven and will never forgive Indira Gandhi for rolling tanks into Sri Harmandar Sahib and destroying Akal Takhat Sahib nor will they forgive Rajiv Gandhi for the inhuman massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs”.

Mr Sukhbir Badal reiterated his prayer that the Almighty may wipe out the entire clan of those who committed or engineered sacrilege against Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj , and of those who indulge in petty politics over this sensitive issue ( jihena ne be adbi keeti jaan karvaai , parmatma us da saara khandaan hi khatam kar den, te main eh bhi ardaas karda hain ki jehde be adbi de naam te siasat karde hun, ohna da bhi kakh na rahe )

Mrs. Harsimrat Badal thanked the people on behalf of the SAD- BJP and said the storm clouds would take the Congress party with them and appealed to people to ensure defeat of all 13 Congress candidates. “Defeat Raja ki Rani and lay the foundation for the exit of Captain’s government”, she added.





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