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Congress and nationalism two sides of same coin: Jakhar

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Hoshiarpur/Chandigarh, December 28, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Making a scathing attack on self-proclaimed nationalists who were ruling the country now, the President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Mr Sunil Jakhar today reminder them that the Congress and the nationalism are two sides of the same coin and the glorious history of the Congress party is the epitome of patriotism.

Addressing a function organized by the Congress Party on Congress foundation day here today, the state Congress president said that the Congress party was a major contributor to the country’s independence movement, giving people the right to vote and the progress of the country.

He said that the history of the Congress is the best example of nationalism and that this party has established democracy in this country by making countless sacrifices for it. He said that those who have no contribution to the independence movement of the country are showcasing themselves as top nationalist.

Mr Jakhar said that the Congress party was a party which has evolved itself amid the long struggles as it always remained associated with the people of the country. He said that the Congress party always stood for the upliftment of the poor and farmers.

Referring to the contribution made by Punjab in the fight for independence, he said that our forefathers contribute up to 90 percent in freedom fight bit no one had ever apologized to the British. He also challenged BJP to make public the pictures of its leaders who have any contribution in independence struggle.

Referring to the Congress party’s role in the freedom struggle, voting right for everyone in the country and making the nation a secular country, Mr. Jakhar said that it was congress party’s government only which implement food security act, NREGA, right to education, right to information etc for the people of this country.

On the other hand, Mr. Jakhar said that today the Union Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is damaging the spirit of the Constitution. He said that only the secular nation’s doctrine of the constitution was being removed and that the government is dividing the society by implementing CAA and NRC.

He cautioned the Modi government that the Congress party would never allow the BJP to go ahead against the constitution’s mandate but at the same time, he warned the people that through these emotional issues, the BJP government wants to hide its failures on economic front.

Mr Jakhar said that Prime Minister Narinder Modi had come to power on the name of poor, but after assuming the office he totally forgets them and his government was busy in fulfilling the interests of rich industrialist.

He said that Crude oil price was $ 104, during the period when Mr. Manmohan Singh was the PM, but his government provides diesel at Rs 55 While now crude oil is available at $61 and Modi government is selling diesel at Rs 68 per liter.

He said that the Modi government was bringing forth such emotional issues as CAA and NRC to cover such failures only so that people would not ask them about their accountability for their sins.

While Questioning the silence of the Shiromani Akali Dal on the issues like States GST shareholding by the Union Government, CAA-NRC and issues related to minorities he said that leaders of this party have gone beyond the basic principles of their party just to save one ministerial post in Union cabinet.

On the occasion, Cabinet Minister Mrs. Aruna Chowdary, Mr. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Mr. Sundar Sham Arora, Political Advisor to the Chief Minister and MLA of Tanda, Mr. Sangat Singh Giljian, MLA Mr. Pawan Kumar Adia, MLA. Raj Kumar, MLA Arun Dogra, MLA Mrs. Indu Bala, former Union Minister of State Mrs. Santosh Chaudri, former Minister Mr. Naresh Thakur, District Congress President Kuldeep Nanda, Mr. Rajneesh Tandon, Urban Congress President Mr. Mukesh Dabur, Capt. Karam Chand, Mr. Amanpreet Singh, Women Congress President Mrs. Taranjit Kaur Sethi etc. were also present.

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