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Coffee is all you need!

New Delhi, Aug 23, 2022 – First of all, setting yourself up on a date is important. Second, a coffee date doesn’t take much advance preparation. Here are some homemade recipes for the ideal coffee date.

Coffee Affogato Chocolate

Category: Hot Beverage

Your favourite ice cream with fresh shot of espresso and Chocolate syrup

Serve Ware: 210 ml Martini Glass


Espresso (2 Shot – 60 ml)

Vanilla ice cream (200 ml)

HCF (Chocolate syrup) (30 ml)

Garnish Chocolate cigar stick (1 stick)


Take Martini glass, glaze glass with HCF and add 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Pour Fresh 2 shot of espresso on the top of ice cream

Take 1 chocolate cigar stick and break it into two, stick it on corner of the glass

Irish Caramel Frappe

Category: Cold Beverage

Your favourite cold coffee with Irish and caramel flavour

Serve Ware: 360 ml Pilsner glass or Linz glass


Milk (80 ml)

Espresso (1 shot – 30 ml)

Vanilla ice-cream (2 scoop – 200 ml)

Irish syrup (20 ml)

Whipped cream (1 shot – 30gms)

Ice cubes (40 gms)

Caramel Sauce (30 ml)


Blend together milk, espresso, ice cubes, Irish flavour, 20ml caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream in Hamilton blender or Blend for 30-45 seconds until smooth.

Take a pilsner glass glaze glass with caramel sauce pour mixture into it add whipped cream on the top of mixture

Garnish with couple of drops of Irish syrup

Espresso Con Panna

Category: Hot Beverage

Your favourite fresh shot of espresso with whipped cream

Serve Ware: 110 ml Shot glass


Espresso 1 Shot(30 ml)

Whipped cream (1 shot – 30 gms)


Take a shot glass, take espresso direct from machine into shot glass add 1 shot of whipped cream on the top of espresso

Irish Cafe Cream

Category: Hot Beverage

Your favourite Indulgence hot coffee with fresh cream, It’s a Layered beverage

Serve Ware: 280 ml Irish Glass


Milk (120 ml)

Espresso (1 Shot – 60ml)

Irish Syrup (30 ml)

Whipped cream (1 shot – 30gms)


Take Irish glass, Pour Irish syrup in the bottom froth the milk slowly pour on the top of Irish syrup it should not mix with syrup, Take fresh shot of espresso pour on the top of milk

Topped with 1 shot of whipped cream garnish drops of Irish syrup

Mocha Frappe Blast

Category – Cold Beverage

Your favourite cold coffee with chocolate & delectable ice-cream and whipped cream

Serve Ware: 360 Ml Pilsner glass or Linz glass


Milk (100 ml)

Espresso (2 Shot – 60ml)

Vanilla ice cream (2 scoop – 200 ml)

Drinking Chocolate Powder (5 gms)

HCF – Chocolate syrup (20 ml)

20 ml Whipped cream (1 shot- 30gms)

Chocolate chips or Choco powder to garnish


Blend together milk, espresso, vanilla ice cream & drinking chocolate powder in Hamilton blender or Blendtec for 30-40 sec. until smooth.

Glaze glass with Chocolate syrup.

Pour the mixture in glass.

Garnish with Choco Chips or Choco powder

(Recipes curated by Girish Chandra, Beverage Training Manager, Lavazza India)  (Agency)

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