Chandumajra defends Badal, asks Tript Bajwa to first apologise for destruction of Akal Takht Sahib

Chandigarh, September 11, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today asked Congress leader Tripat Rajinder Bajwa to first apologise for the demolition of the holy Sri Akal Takhat Sahib and the brutal murder of thousands of innocent Sikh devotees in Shri Harmandar Sahib during the senseless and inhuman Operation Bluestar by Mrs Indira Gandhi and quit the Congress before earning the right to open his mouth on the highest Sikh seat of religio-temporal authority.

Reacting to Tripat Rajinder Bajwa’s “sychophantic outburst” against the five-time Chief Minister of Punjab and Akali stalwart Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, senior leader Prem Singh Chandumajra said “ It does not lie in the mouth of Congress leaders to bring the sacred name of Sri Akal Takhat on their blood thirsty lips.

Mr Tripat Rajinder Bajwa should first resign from the anti-Sikh Congress party and apologise for its grievous religious sins ( Bajjar Paap) of rolling tanks on to the sacred Parikarma of

Shri Harmandar Sahib Sahib to bring down Shri Akal Takhat Sahib and kill thousands of innocent Sikh devotees on the martyrdom of the fifth Guru Arjan Dev ji and massacring thousands of innocent Sikhs on the streets of Delhi, Kanpur and other places.

Their leader Captain Amaridner Singh is still defending Kamal Nath and Jagdish Tytler, the killers of innocent Sikhs. Tripat Bajwa should first tender an unconditional apology for these sins and quit the Congress before he earns the right to speak on Sikh affairs.”

Mr Chandumajra said Sardar Parkash Singh Badal had always bowed before Shri Akal Takhat Sahib , even presenting himself before it when called. “He is theonly prominent Sikh leader to appear before Akal Takhat Sahib and to be honourably exonerated. Bajwa should check his facts and read some history while commenting on sensitive issues.

Ideally, he should apologise for Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s sin and quit the Congress.

The Akali leader said it was unfortunate that Tript Bajwa did not even know that the Khalsa Tricentenarry Celebrations were observed under the auspices of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib when Mr Badal was the Chief Minister. The president and the Prime Minister of the country, the three Chiefs of Services, Army, Air Force and Navy came to pay obseisance at Sri Anandpur Sahib in contrast with the same forces being used by Mrs Gandhi to destroy Sri Akal Takhat Sahib”, Mr Chandumajra added.

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