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Chandrashekar didn’t recall many things during face-off with Jacqueline, reveals chargesheet

New Delhi, Aug 17, 2022- IANS has accessed a few key points from the second supplementary chargesheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) against Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez in connection with the Rs 200 crore PMLA case involving alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekar.

The ED had confronted Chandrashekar and Jacqueline together last year to bring out the truth in the matter.

The ED first asked both of them to introduce themselves, to which Chandrashekar and Jacqueline told their names.

The second question ED asked was how did they come to know each other. To this, Jacqueline said they had been talking over phone since February 2021, adding that they didn’t talk to each other after August last year.

The actress also said that she had met Chandrashekar twice in Chennai in June 2021. Chandrashekar also confirmed that what Jacqueline said was correct.

The third question ED asked Chandrashekar was how did he introduce himself to Jacqueline ?

Chandrashekar said that he told Jacqueline that he was Shekhar. Fernandez said in her reply that Chandrashekar had introduced himself as Shekhar Ratna Vela, claiming to be the owner of Sun TV. He also said that he was the nephew of late politician Jayalalithaa, she said.

The fourth question ED asked was when did they speak for the first time. To this, Jacqueline said that it was in last week of January 2021. However, Chandrashekar said that it was December 2020.

The ED then asked Chandrashekar whether he bought a BMW car for Jacqueline’s sister, Geraldine Fernandez. While Jacqueline denied this, Chandrashekar said he couldn’t recall.

In the sixth question, the ED asked Chandrashekar whether he bought cars for the parents of Jacqueline in Bahrain?

Chandrashekar again said that he was unable to recall while Jacqueline said that no cars were bought for her family members.

The ED them asked Chandrashekar if he sent money to the bank account of Geraldine Fernandez in the US. Chandrashekar again said he was unable to recall while Jacqueline said that he sent $150,000.

In the eighth question, the ED asked Chandrashekar how much money did he send into the bank account of Jacqueline’s brother in Australia?

Here too, Chandrashekar said he didn’t know and couldn’t recall anything, while Jacqueline said he had sent Rs 15 lakh to her brother’s account.

In the ninenth question, the ED asked which mobile application both used to connect with each other? To this, Jacqueline said they used to talk on WhatsApp, which Chandrashekar confirmed.

The ED then asked whether any expensive gifts were exchanged between them?

While Chandrashekar said he couldn’t recall, Jacqueline said she received four bags of Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent and Dior; two shoes of Louis Vuitton and Louboutin; two outfits of Gucci; perfumes; four cats; a Mini Cooper; two diamond earrings; and a multicoloured diamond bracelet from Chandrashekar.

In the next question, the ED asked Chandrashekar if he gave Rs 15 lakh in cash to Advaita Kala on behalf of Jacqueline? Both Fernandez and Chandrashekar confirmed it.  (Agency)

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