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CEO Punjab urges candidates for strict adherence to Model Code of Conduct

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Chandigarh, May 7, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Chief Electoral Officer Punjab, Dr. S. Karuna Raju on Tuesday appealed to all contesting candidates that they must adhere to Model Code of Conduct in the right earnest.

In an advisory, Dr Raju said that all the directives issues under Model Code of Conduct should be meticulously followed during electioneering in letter and in spirit.

The CEO also pointed out that no religious place could be used for any political purpose by political parties and candidates under the Religious Institutions ( Prevention Of Misuse) Act, 1988 and sections 3, 5 and 6 of the Act No. 41 of 1988 also refrained them to use funds of such religious places for electioneering. Any person who flouts these guidelines would be dealt severely as per the law of the land, which includes imprisonments up to five years with fine.

The CEO further said that none of the candidates should appeal to seek votes on the basis caste and community, which is already forbidden. Likewise, he also asked the Candidate to desist from making provocatives and inflammatory statements which is detrimental to the communal harmony and brotherhood.

They should also avoid unparliamentary language during poll campaign besides making personal attacks on the personal life and behaviour of their political opponents either through making comments or posters/banners.

The CEO also urged the Candidates not to create ill-will against various communities to create hatred and similarly, the political parties should not make any effort to polarise people on the basis of caste, religion and community. The Candidates should also refrain from making derogatory comments on the basis of language, caste and religion, which results in tense atmosphere.

Dr Raju further mentioned that the candidates can express their views regarding the policies, programs and the development. Works undertaken by the other political parties in the past but they should desist from making personal attacks on the personal life of. Candidates during the campaign.

The CEO also revealed that in pursuance of the advisory issued on March 9, 2019 none of the candidate should publish the photo of defence personal or of the Function related to defence services in the advertisement as a part of its campaigning rather they should desist from any activity related to defence services.

The CEO directed all the returning officers across the state to make all the candidates apprised of the guidelines of the Model Code of Conduct and if anyone violates these directions then a prompt action should be initiated against him.

Dr Raju further appealed the voters in the state to lodge a complaint on c-vigil app or helpline no 1950 in case of any violation of MCC.

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