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Centre pressurised Delhi govt to convert 9 stadiums into jail for farmers: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Dec 2, 2020-
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday accused the Central government of pressuring his government to convert nine Delhi stadiums into jail as part of its “fool-proof’ plan to put agitating farmers there when they moved towards Delhi from Punjab and Haryana last week.

The Chief Minister revealed this while addressing a digital press conference here, saying his refusal to convert the nine stadiums in Delhi into jails has “upset the Centre”.

“Since the time we refused to convert the nine stadiums in Delhi into temporary jails, the Central government is very upset with me. They had a fool-proof plan of putting the farmers into these jails as soon as the farmers reach Delhi,” Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister said that he was put under a lot of “pressure to convert these stadiums into jails, and received several calls from people”.

“But there are some moments in life when you listen to your own conscience without caring about the results.”

He then hit out at Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, asking “Are you under the pressure of these very same people because of which you are making these false allegations against me, abusing me, and talking on behalf of the BJP?”.

“Is this your friendship with the BJP? I know that the reason may be your family is charged with cases and is receiving notices from the ED.”

Referring to Singh’s recent “false allegations” against him of passing the three farmer ordinances in Delhi, Kejriwal said Punjab CM should not do “dirty politics” on farmers’ protests against three farm bills which were passed by the Centre and approved by the President.

He said that the Punjab CM made false allegations against him of passing the three farmer ordinances in Delhi despite knowing the facts. “The allegations made by the Captain may be coming from his friendship with the BJP or he may be pressured to do so.”

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor also pointed out that the Punjab CM had many chances to stop the farm bills.

“Why did Captain Singh not act against these bills being a member of the central government’s committee deliberating on these bills? When some people call the farmers terrorists, anti-nationals, I cannot imagine what the soldiers on the border must be going through, whose parents are being called terrorists.

“We all have to decide – whether we are with the farmers, or whether we are with the people who are calling these farmers terrorists,” said CM Kejriwal.

Kejriwal said that the entire country is witnessing the struggle and the plight of the farmers, and how they are sleeping on the road in such harsh climate and cold temperatures.

“No patriot can sleep peacefully after witnessing all this. This is not only farmers’ fight; this is everyone’s fight.”

Kejriwal said that the Punjab CM had many opportunities to stop these farm bills.

“The people of Punjab want to know, why did Captain Saheb not act against these bills at that time? Two years ago, the BJP formed a committee to formulate and examine these bills, and Captain Saheb was a member of that committee. The people of Punjab are asking you, Captain Saheb, why did you not stop these bills by raising objections in the committee itself?

“Why did you not intimate people about how the central government is trying to bring in these black laws? The farmers of Punjab want to know, why did you not stop these farm bills?,” asked the Delhi CM. (Agency)

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