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Celebrating diversity and inclusivity

New Delhi, May 16, 2023- The legendary Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation is the focus of Estee Lauder’s newest campaign, “My Shade, My Story”, which marks the company’s 75-year anniversary in the cosmetics business. With steadfast dedication to its key principles of inclusivity, diversity, and self-empowerment, the brand introduces a campaign that is ready to ignite the global beauty sector.

The “Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation” is the brand’s best-selling product, and its “Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation” campaign uses six trailblazing individuals from various backgrounds and skin tones to promote it. This foundation comes in over 50 hues to suit any story, no matter how unusual it may be! By showcasing how the foundation seamlessly integrates into their life, the commercial honours change makers who embrace their authenticity and allows them to feel naturally empowered.

The campaign features Global Brand Ambassador, Manushi Chhillar, who has inspired millions with her grace, warmth, and humility along with five thoughtfully picked stalwarts from different walks of life, who have proudly charted their professional and personal journey. Shraddha Gurung, a powerful advocate for body positivity and mental well-being, has forged a realm of beauty that defies conventional standards.

Meanwhile, Masoom Minawala, a formidable force, has propelled India onto the global fashion map, making an indelible impact and empowering women along the way. With her quirky trademark style, Manjari Varde puts a whimsical spin on the traditional mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dynamic, adding her own vibrant touch to her videos. With unwavering courage, Shantanu Dhope revolutionises societal norms, tearing down the confines of gender stereotypes and prejudice, to uphold the message that beauty knows no bounds.

Finally, Sobia Ameen uses her quirky style of humour to lend a voice to social issues, forcing the world to relook, review and re-adjust their archaic definitions of acceptable. Each of these champions have created a distinct personal and professional story that is brave, unique, and completely authentic. Thus, making them the ideal choice to lead a campaign that encourages individuals to celebrate their story in their own unique shade.

“At the heart of the ‘My Shade, My Story’ campaign is the idea that we all have a story to tell that is uniquely our own. Whether it is a story of confidence, courage, or inspiration, it is as unique to you as your own foundation shade. To bring this alive, we have brought together six distinctive individuals from diverse fields, to share their stories of perseverance and self-expression, culminating in a campaign that celebrates Estee Lauder’s brand values of inclusivity, diversity, and the beauty of individuality,” said Dikshita Shukla, Brand Head, Estee Lauder India.

For Manushi Chhillar, Global Brand Ambassador Estee Lauder, this campaign marks a significant milestone since being appointed the new Global Spokesmodel of the brand in 2023.

“I’m honoured to be a part of ‘My Shade, My Story’, a thought-provoking campaign that resonates with me in more ways than one! It is a powerful reminder that all skin tones are beautiful, and all journeys are inspirational. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation has always been my go-to product, which delivers a flawless finish that lasts all day. With over 50 shades available, it empowers everyone to find their shade and embrace their own story,” Manushi Chhillar shared her thoughts on the campaign launch. (Agency)

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