Capt Govt behind open ‘loot’ by private medical players in Punjab: Harpal Cheema

Chandigarh, May 19, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has cornered the Captain Amarinder Singh Government, especially the Minister for Medical Education and Research over the arbitrarily charging exorbitant fees by non-government medical colleges and universities in Punjab, allegedly by throwing the rules and regulations in place to winds.

Party senior leader and Leader of Opposition, (LoP) Harpal Singh Cheema, has alleged that the Capt Amarinder Singh government had bowed down to the medical education mafia active in the state, saying that the manner in which non-government medical colleges and universities had been indulging in an open ‘loot’ of those pursuing higher studies in medicines, had left nothing to speculation.

Cheema questioned the Medical Education Minister and Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh how and why thousands of eligible medical students could not participate in the first round of counselling for admissions to MD / MS and other post graduate degrees, as they had no ill-gotten money to pay the exorbitant fee, saying that under the present system, the prospective candidate needed at least 9 years to complete his education and an whopping fee of Rs 2 crore to become a specialist. He alleged that the Captain Government had out and out surrendered to the mighty Medical Education mafia, like the other mafias calling the shots in the state.

The AAP leader said that the fee structure was not only out of the reach of a common with meagre means of income but also for the well-to-do families, while the government was in deep slumber, which was tantamount to the passive involvement of the ruling politicos and medical education mafia lords, like the liquor mafia, power mafia, sand mafia and power mafia, et al.

Cheema added that the Punjab Private Health Sciences Institutions (Regulation of Admission, Fixation of Fees and Making Reservations) Act, 2006 should fix the fees of all medical institutes, including medical colleges and dental colleges, to bring about uniformity in the system, which was Punjab Government’s baby, he said. Incredible as it may sound, while a medical course fee, which was fixed at Rs 1.25 lakh in government colleges and Rs 6.50 lakh in private colleges, the Aadesh Medical College, Bathinda was charging Rs 14 lakh per annum and Guru Ramdas Medical College Amritsar Rs 9.50 lakh per annum? He asked the government to explain for public consumprion.

Cheema informed that he had, through a DO letter to Capt. Amarinder Singh, had demanded stricter implementation of the law 2006 to curb the blind ‘loot’ by private medical colleges / universities in the state and, bringing about amendments to it, if necessary, so that the eligible candidates, who could not participate in the first round of counselling for MD / MS this year, may attend counselling this time around.

The LoP said that due to the unholy collusion of the successive governments (Captain-Badals) had deprived thousands of deserving students of Punjab of becoming doctors and specialist due to the connivance of government with the mafia, while hospitals in Punjab were starved of adequate medic staff, holding the deadly policies of the governments responsible for the sorry state of affairs.

Cheema also stressed the need for constitution of a joint committee of all-party MLAs, medical education experts / doctors from to curb this scourge and to making medical education in the state mafia-free.

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