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“Can India lead the world — Why not?” : Kejriwal announces nation-wide mission to Make India No 1

Chandigarh/New Delhi, August 17, 2022 (Yes Punjab News)
AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal unveiled Aam Aadmi Party’s historic ‘Make India No 1’ mission today. The nation-wide mission has been rooted in 5 targets by the AAP Convenor, namely — Free and quality education for all; Free and quality healthcare for all; Equality & safety for women; Jobs for all youth; & Fair price to all farmers.

This announcement came at a mega event organised by the Aam Aadmi Party at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. The event saw the presence of Cabinet Ministers and MLAs of Delhi, besides a jam-packed stadium courtesy of party volunteers who were seen waving Tirangas throughout. The audience displayed skyhigh enthusiasm by continuously raising slogans and applauded Arvind Kejriwal for his visionary mission.

Making a pitch towards all Deshbhakts, the AAP Convenor sought the support of BJP & Congress workers alike for the mission and envisioned an India free of hatred and enmity. CM Arvind Kejriwal called for an alliance of 130 crore Indians at the event and termed the national mission to be larger than the scope of partisan politics.

Arvind Kejriwal said, “We are on a mission to make India the strongest and greatest nation of the world, let’s come together for the cause and make India No 1. To make India No 1, we need to provide excellent education & healthcare for free, jobs for all youths, respect, dignity & safety for women, and fair price of crops for all farmers. I appeal to all 130 crore Indians to come together for the nation-wide Make India No 1 campaign.

We are a family of 130 crore India, we are a team, we all have to think like a family. This is a nation-wide mission, this is not limited to any party, people of all parties including BJP and Congress should come together for the cause. We aren’t here to fight, India wasted 75 years fighting with each other, if we keep fighting, we can’t become the number one country of the world.

Time to end hatred, time to live in love and peace, we have to stick together like a fist and make India No 1. I will go and connect people in every nook and corner of the country. When 130 crore people join this mission, no one will be able to stop India from becoming the greatest and strongest nation of the world. We all pledge to not rest till we make India the number one country of the world.

India can be a world leader, provided us 130 crore Indians take the lead, these politicians and their parties are incompetent, they’ll ruin the country. If it is up to the will of these politicians, India will lag behind for another 75 years. These people are blinded by their love for their friends and families, some want to loot the country, some want corruption.

In these 75 years, these parties and these leaders did nothing except to fill the coffers of their families and their friends. India has achieved a lot after independence, but there is anger among the people that in these 75 years many countries which got freedom after us have surpassed us, why did India lag behind for so long?

The people of India are the most intelligent, hardworking and well-meaning people in the world. God has given us rivers, mountains, herbs, crops, seas, everything, yet we lagged behind. 75 years ago when the whole country had united, we threw the British out. Today if we all come together, no one can stop India from becoming the number one country in the world.”

AAP Convenor Arvind Kejriwal roars at Talkatora; calls for unity, brother as he kicks off mission Make India No 1

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal made a roaring introduction of a visionary mission to take India on the path of unprecedented progress and become the leader of the world. He said, “The atmosphere in the stadium is emphatic. I can only see Tirangas in all the directions. I want to congratulate all the people of Delhi and every countrymen on 75 years of Independence.

I am quite happy because I am going to make an announcement on an age old dream of crores of Indians. And today, we’re going to kickstart the journey to make this dream a reality. Every Indian wants India to be the no. 1 country in the world. All of us want India to be in the league of the richest and most-developed nations in the world.

Every countryman wants India to be the most powerful and the greatest nation in the world. India is a great country. Our civilization is many centuries old and there was a time when India held sway over the world. We have to restore that glory and make India the no. 1 country in the world. We have to make India great again.

He indicated that this Independence Day is also an opportunity for introspection to identify the country’s strength and challenges. He continued, “Today, we are going to start a nationwide mission titled ‘Make India no. 1.’ We have to associate 130 crore Indians with this mission. Every citizen should be part of this mission because it has been the dream of every Indian to make India the no. 1 nation in the world.

We became Independent 75 years ago and in this 75 years, we achieved a lot but there is an anger in the mind of people. A question always remains in our minds: a lot of countries, and some of them are way smaller than us, got independence years later than us yet they have overtaken us. Singapore achieved independence fifteen years after we did, but it is ahead of us. After the Second World War, Japan was entirely destroyed.

Despite the fact that nuclear bombs completely destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they have surpassed us. Germany was also shattered after the war when Hitler’s reign ended but they have also taken a lead. Why did India remain behind?

This question angers every Indian. We are second to none. When God created humans, the most-intelligent and best people took birth in India. God has blessed us in every way. Rivers, mountains, crops, medicinal herbs, and mineral ore are all present in India. We were not deprived of anything by God. When God created the world, India was the most beautiful land on earth.”

He reached out to the masses to convey that real power always lied with the public and now is the moment to take an active control of it. It can be the real game changer from the past where the vested interest of the politician deprived the country of the glory it always deserved . He added, “If we leave control of the country to other political parties, then we will lag behind for the next 75 years as well. Some parties have a huge affection for ‘Parivaar’ and some have a huge affection for ‘Dost’.

They are only bothered about amassing huge wealth by looting the country and committing corruption. In the past 75 years, they have only filled their treasure & their friend’s treasure and they have not done even an iota of work. A lot of people ask me ‘Can India lead the world?’ My response to the question is ‘Why not?’ There is no reason that it is not possible. We have the best doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientists and farmers in our country.

We do not lack anything. We can lead the world but in order for that to happen, 130 crore Indians have to come together. People of India have to take the control of the country in their own hands and it cannot be left to the politicians. People from every walks of life and every section of society have to come together. Men, women, rich and poor, people from every religion and caste will have to join hands to make this possible. 130 crore Indians have to stay united to run the country.”

The AAP National Convenor emphasised that whenever united, the Indians have written their destiny with their own hands. Now is the time to unite again to take the first step towards nation building to provide a bright future to the children of the country. He said, “When every countrymen got united 75 years ago, we kicked out the British from our country.

And today, after 75 years, if 130 crore Indians will again come together, then no force can stop us from becoming the no. 1 country in the world. We are a family, a team of 130 crores people and we have to think like a family. None of our children should be deprived of excellent education. Our country can progress and become no. 1 in the world on only one condition.

We have to ensure that we provide free of cost excellent education facilities to 27 crore children who go to school everyday. Irrespective of the fact that a child took birth in the poorest of the poor family and lives in the hinterland of the country, they equally deserve excellent education. We cannot say that we cannot open school in hilly terrain or tribal areas. We have to build schools in every corner of the country.

No matter how much money the country needs to spend on this endeavour, it should be our top priority. If we succeed in providing excellent education to every child of the country, they will go on to become doctors or engineers and reach remarkable heights in their career. They will change the fortune of their families by making them rich from poor. When every poor family becomes a rich family, then India will be considered a rich and developed country.

A healthy citizenry and workforce is an advantage to any nation. He continued, “Secondly, we have to provide excellent public healthcare for every male, female, elderly, youth and child. They should get the best possible treatment when they fall sick and that too free-of-cost.

No matter if the expense of treatment, medicines, tests, and operation runs into several lakhs and irrespective of the fact that they are poor, every life, every Indian is important for us. It is imperative that we build hospitals, mohalla clinics and dispensaries in every corner, every village of the country to achieve this goal. We have to recruit doctors and teachers but the two foremost priorities of the nation should be education for every child and healthcare for every citizen.”

He showed concern for the country’s inability to harness all the human resources and asserted that employment for all is possible for an honest and pragmatic government. He added, “Thirdly, the youth is our biggest strength but a large number of youth are unemployed today. We can provide employment to all of them if the intention is noble and management is efficient.

Not even a single youth in the country should remain unemployed. We have to prioritise this.” He showed the path to bring a change from the ground level to achieve women empowerment in the truest sense. He said, “Fourthly, the women in the country should get the due respect and dignity. Every woman in the country should have equal rights. They should also get a safe environment. It is easier said than done.

To make this possible, we have to work to bring a change in our houses and society first.” Arvind Kerjiwal identified that while agriculture was India’s strength, the country’s farmers always remained weak and this needs to change. He said, “Fifth, the children of farmers do not wish to become farmers anymore today.

What can be the reason? India is an agricultural country. We have to create such a system that farmers get the right price for their crops so that there is prosperity in their house. Farmers should be treated with utmost respect. The children of farmers should proudly choose to become a farmer as well. And a lot of work needs to be done but these five steps should be our topmost priority if we want our country to achieve remarkable progress.”

Arvind Kejriwal requested all the leaders to rise above party politics and welcomed any support to give mission coming from any direction. He said, “I am appealing to 130 crores Indians to get associated with the nationwide mission ‘Make India no. 1’ and the day every Indian will become a part of this mission, no one can stop us from becoming the no. 1 country in the world.

This mission is a non-partisan mission which has nothing to do with any party. It is a national mission to take the nation forward. It is not a party’s mission and because of this, I am requesting everyone in the BJP, Congress and every other party to come together. Every deshbhakt in the country wants India to achieve great glory in the world and become the no. 1 country in the world should join this nationwide mission.

We do not want to indulge in fights anymore as they have already ruined 75 years of the country. Congress is fighting with the BJP, the BJP is fighting with us. Every faction of society in terms of religion and caste are fighting with each other. We have to end this and only then can we think of becoming the no. 1 nation. 130 crore Indians will have to live and behave like a family. We have to end hatred and spread love & affection. We will live with each other in harmony like a fist.”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “Today, we take a pledge that until India becomes the no. 1 country in the world, we will not take rest. I travel across the country and bring people together. We will create an alliance which is 130 crore Indians strong and when this happens, nothing can stand between India becoming the greatest and most powerful country in the world.”

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