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By constantly opposing Modi, Opposition attacking India: Giriraj Singh

New Delhi, July 3, 2022- Union Minister Giriraj Singh has launched a scathing attack on the Congress and other opposition parties for opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said these parties are also attacking India.

In a special conversation, Giriraj Singh spoke candidly on the Udaipur murder, the prevailing atmosphere in the country, attacks by opposition parties, and the Presidential election.

Excerpts of the interview:

Q. The Congress is constantly targeting the BJP, accusing your party of the Udaipur murder. What do you have to say?

A. Such incidents are happening due to the appeasement and vote bank politics of the Congress. You remember, when Afzal Guru was hanged, who were those who went to the court in the dead of night to save a terrorist? They were the people of the ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ who did the politics of appeasement.

If the Gehlot government had provided security to Kanhaiya Lal, the incident would not have happened. He kept pleading for security but the Gehlot government turned a blind eye. This is not a murder but a terrorist attack — on the lines of ISIS, throat slitting, making a video. In doing so they even warned the Prime Minister, threatening a terror attack.

Q. But the Congress is blaming the BJP for such incidents. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has asked the Prime Minister to make an appeal to the nation.

A. Ashok Gehlot should first say what he has done in the incidents of communal violence in Karauli and other places so far. He is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, if he is not able to run the government, then he should resign. Rahul Gandhi just issues a tweet as a formality on such a heinous attack. All these leaders would have made a beeline for Udaipur if the incident had been a reverse, the other way round, there would have been a spate of political tourists.

Q. But they are accusing the BJP that because of your party such an atmosphere has been created in the country.

A. ‘Ulta chor kotwal ko dante’ (It is like the thief scolding policemen). They do the politics of appeasement and vote bank, from Karauli to Udaipur they are sitting as protectors of the people who have committed violence and are making false allegations against us. Shame on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. They just go silent on such incidents.

Q. But apart from the Congress, other opposition parties are also accusing the BJP government and the party for this? Mamata Banerjee is also continuously attacking the BJP.

A. I talk straight. While opposing Modi, these opposition parties are attacking India. What did M.F. Hussain do decades ago? At that time, they did not say anything. Modi was not there then. If these opposition parties feel that they will hide their failures by criticizing Modi, then this is not going to happen. As far as Mamata Banerjee is concerned, she has laid out a red carpet for terrorists and infiltrators in Bengal.

Q. By fielding Yashwant Sinha as a joint presidential candidate, the opposition is trying to corner the BJP unitedly.

A. In the 75 years after Independence, such a large population of the country, the tribal community was never given a chance. Thanks to Modi for the respect he has given to a tribal woman. As far as the siege of the opposition is concerned, Draupadi Murmu will emerge victorious with an even bigger majority than last time. I will appeal to all to support Murmu for the post of President. Those who are opposing Murmu will have to answer the people’s anger.  (Agency)

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