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Buying or selling a vehicle? – Read what Commissioner of Police Sukhchain Singh Gill tells

Ludhiana, May 28, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

While exercising his powers under section 144 of CrPC, the Commissioner of Police Ludhiana Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill today issued various ban orders for all areas falling under Ludhiana Police Commissionerate.

The Commissioner of Police stated that it has been observed that whenever there is sale/purchase of old vehicles, then the buyers sometimes do not get the bought vehicles registered under the name as per rules. Due to which unscrupulous elements sometimes use such vehicles for committing crime.

So keeping in mind the safety of residents, Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill, while exercising his powers under section 144 of CrPC 1973 (Act number 2 of 1974), has ordered that whenever there is sale/purchase of old vehicles, then these vehicles should be registered by the buyer under his/her name within 30 days of the purchase.

He stated that as per the rules, it is mandatory for the buyer to get the vehicles registered under their name within 30 days of the purchase, but some cases have come to his notice where the owners failed to follow these rules.

He stated that failure to comply with these orders would attract serious action as per law. These orders would remain in force for the next two months’ time.

The Commissioner of Police, Ludhiana, also stated that sometimes, the anti-social elements, at the time of filling of petrol/diesel/LPG from the petrol pumps falling within the jurisdiction of Commissionerate Ludhiana used to snatch cash or other valuable articles and sometimes they used to snatch cash, purses, gold ornaments, or other valuable articles at crowded places such as shopping malls, marriage palaces and money exchange offices.

In order to prevent any annoyance, injury to any person and to prevent any danger to human life and in order to check illegal activities of anti-social elements and further keeping in view the public safety, Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill has directed all petrol pumps, marriage palaces, shopping malls and money exchanges to install CCTV’s. These orders would remain in force for two months from today.

The Commissioner of Police has also banned the sale/purchase/storage/use of Chinese Kite strings in all areas under jurisdiction of Ludhiana Police Commissionerate. In the orders, Dr Sukhchain Singh Gill has stated that the Chinese kite strings are made up of plastic and are very harmful.

He has also banned the sale of uniform’s of army as well as para military forces in all areas falling under the Ludhiana Police Commissionerate with immediate effect. He has stated that any person who wants to buy this uniform would have to submit a self attested copy of his identity card and phone number with the shopkeeper and this record would be duly maintained along with date of sale in the record register of the shopkeeper.

He has ordered that the shopkeeper would submit the sale record with area police station every month without fail and if any shopkeeper fails to maintain this monthly record, he would be liable for legal action.

He said that these orders have been issued because sometimes these uniforms are misused by anti-social people. These orders would remain in force for two months from today.

The Commissioner of Police, under section 144 of CrPC 1973 (Act Number 2 of 1974), has also ordered that no person would be allowed to cover his or her face while driving any vehicle or while walking on the street.

He said that this ban has been imposed because the criminals can go scot free after committing a crime as they would not be identified with covered faces. He clarified in the orders that these orders would not be enforced on people who wear masks due to some allergy or disease and under medical supervision.

He has also banned the use of stickers or logo’s (blue and red stripes which is the Punjab Police Colour) or installation of plates with logos of police/army/VIP/on government duty/department name on vehicles as they could be easily misused by anti-social elements.

He has also banned the entry of heavy commercial vehicles into city (Municipal Corporation area) from 8 am to 10:30 pm and has allowed entry of medium and light motor vehicles (commercial) from 12 noon to 5 pm.

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