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BSP MLA accuses Mayawati of distributing tickets to candidates on the basis of money they offer

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Jaipur, Aug 2, 2019 –

BSP’s Rajathan MLA Rajendra Singh Gudha on Thursday accused his party President Mayawati of distributing tickets to party candidates based on the amount of money they offer.

Gudha’s startling claim was made in a viral video clip that appeared after a one-day seminar organised in the Rajasthan Assembly on “Changing Nature of Parliamentary Democracy in India”, which was also addressed by former President Pranab Mukherjee.

“Our party BSP distributes ticket on the basis of money. If a second person gives a higher amount to money, the ticket of first candidate is cancelled and is given to second candidate. However, if there is third person who gives more money than the first and second candidate, then their ticket is cancelled and is given to him. If the fourth candidate gives a higher amount of money, ticket of all first three candidates are cancelled. Now, what is the solution to this problem?” he is heard asking in the video.

To this, BJP lawmaker Rajendra Rathore quipped that the answer can only be given by Mayawati.

The session also witnessed chaos when JNU Professor Zoya Hasan said that India is taking a step forward towards Hindutva and the right-wing phenomenon was seen dominating the recent parliamentary elections.

“The names of cities and roads were changed fast… The aim of these initiatives was to erase the Muslim history. Those speaking against the government were called anti-national,” she said.

The BJP MLAs objected to her speech, but Assembly Speaker C.P. Joshi said that everyone has his own ideology, and those who don’t want to listen to her speech can go out. At this, the BJP members walked out.

Earlier, in his address, Mukherjee asked all parties to remember that irrespective of the huge mandate they had received, they should remember that there is a large chunk of people who did not vote for them.

Although parties won a majority in the Lok Sabha, the vote share for any party failed to cross the 50 per cent mark, he said.

“The voter conveys the parties that I am allowing you to form the government by giving sufficient seats but you should remember that you still don’t have our total mandate. That means you will have to remember about those who have not voted for you for they belong to a democratic republic,” the former President said.

Mukherjee also elaborated on different phases of development of parliamentary system in the country and spoke on role of executive and judiciary, historical aspects of the Constitution and its preamble.

“The Indian Parliamentary system is the result of the constant struggle we have had. This arrangement did not come easily to us nor did we get it as a gift from the British government.”

The seminar was organised in the Rajasthan Assembly under the aegis of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s Rajasthan Branch and Lokniti-CSDS.  (Agency)

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