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Brides-to-be prep tend to your beauty needs

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New Delhi, Nov 24, 2021- As a bride-to-be, you really need to be on top of everything regarding your wedding week. While those flowers and food arrangements definitely need attending to, intimate hygiene and body also need attention.

It’s best to be prepared with everything you need in the run-up to your wedding, on the auspicious day itself, and the exciting honeymoon that follows. Keep in mind the range of products from head to toe, you are at liberty to choose exactly what you need to take care of yourself in busy times. Sanfe has curated a list of products to keep in mind while organising your bridal beauty kit.

For your underarms

Lightening Serum – To reduce pigmentation, natural brightening, hydrates skin, and maintains the pH balance. Underarm depigmentation serum is the all-season friend you have been waiting for. It helps fight skin issues and gives you clearer spotless skin. Fights with bacteria that interfere with your skin’s natural pH.

Antiperspirant Deo Cream – Stay fresh and smell good with an Anti-Perspirant Deo Cream with a long-lasting fragrance. It helps in prevent the growth of any kind of bacteria and to naturally brighten your skin.

For your back and buttocks:

Brightening Cream – Your back and buttocks need your attention. The cream nourishes and smoothens the tough skin for an even-toned look! Lightweight and non-sticky formula for natural suppleness. A nourishing formula with the goodness of natural ingredients helps the skin remain soft, clean, and hydrated.

Acne Clearing Lotion Crusty Skin – A Clearing Lotion reduces excess sebum production, giving a clear and even skin tone. It treats crusty skin & bumps caused by razors.

For your private areas:

Intimate Lightening Serum – An Intimate Lightening Serum fades scars and evens out the skin tone of the intimate areas. The serum curbs melanin production and boosts the production of new cells for naturally brighter skin tone.

Intimate Stretch Mark Oil For Hyperpigmentation – Why hide stretch marks when you can blur them away? Fade stretch marks and hyperpigmentation on intimate areas with an Intimate Stretch Marks Oil.

For your hygiene and period needs:

Intimate Wash – Every part of you deserves the right treatment, a 3 in 1 formula for no itching, no odour, and no irritation, keeps the pH of the Vulva balanced and bad bacteria in check.

Menstrual Cup – Menstrual cups are a great alternative to your conventional disposable menstrual hygiene products. The cups are a healthy option for periods – easy to use and comfortable to wear. It will give you freedom if you are always worried about leakage and changing pads frequently. With this cup, you are good to go for 10 hours. Additionally, menstrual cups are safe to wear when you are sleeping, swimming or doing any physical activity.

Rash Free Bamboo Sanitary Pads – Bamboo sanitary pads are specially designed with multi-layer absorption formula so that you need not worry about leakage. A great alternative to chemically laced pads can cause severe damage to your intimate area.

For your hair removal needs:

Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream: For pain-free hair removal on dry & flaky skin try a bikini hair removal cream. It hydrates skin, increases elasticity, and reduces dryness, plus, its natural antibacterial properties protect skin from assault and aid skin’s immunity. It also adds a sumptuous smooth finish, reduces melanin production which is responsible for skin darkening and eliminates excess sebum, dirt and impurities.

After Shave & Wax Nourishing Oil – No greasy look, just polished and smooth skin! Aftershave and wax nourishing oil are made of a lightweight formulation for treating the skin post-waxing. The oil effectively removes wax residues, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it soft and soothing.

Face Razor For Women – Darker sides, peach fuzz, trouble with makeup not sticking or trying to search for a last-minute solution? Get rid of all these issues with a razor – shave away unwanted tiny hair from your face – gently and precisely! (Agency)

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