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BJP Punjab chief Jakhar has no right to talk about farmers: AAP

Chandigarh, May 15, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab, in the counterattack to Sunil Jakhar’s latest statement against the farmers of Punjab, said that the Bharatiya Janata Party and BJP Punjab President Sunil Jakhar have no right to even talk about farmers as no one has forgotten their betrayals and the BJP government’s atrocities against the farmers in their 10 year rule.

AAP cabinet minister Harbhajan Singh ETO took Sunil Jakhar to task and said that the list of BJP’s wrong doings against our farmers is endless but today Jakhar once again showed his anti-farmers and anti-Punjab face.

The AAP leader said that Narendra Modi, before coming to power, promised the farmers to double their income, but after becoming the PM he brought anti-farmers black bills to give more benefits to his capitalist friends.

Not only that PM Modi time and again wrote off debts of capitalists worth thousands of crores but our farmers are forced to commit suicide when they fail to repay debt of few thousands.

ETO said that our farmers knocked twice on the doors of Delhi and both times they were treated so harshly that hundreds of them died on the Delhi borders. During the first farmers agitation more than 750 farmers laid their lives then Modi realised the mistake he made in the matter of farm laws and repealed them.

The BJP is stung by the victory and force of the Punjab’s farmers. He said that just a few months we again witnessed the assault of the Haryana and Centre’s BJP governments on our farmers.

They opened fire on them and a young farmer in his twenties died. ETO asked Sunil Jakhar if he has the answers for all these betrayals of the BJP. How and when would he apologize for all the atrocities that the Modi government committed against our farmers.

The AAP leader said that CM Bhagwant Mann is absolutely right when he says that the BJP was in power in Delhi and they didn’t allow our farmers to enter Delhi, now farmers rule the villages of India and they are not allowing the BJP leaders into their villages.

It is only fair. But as usual the BJP and its leaders are unable to digest their defeat and sourly they are making such statements like the one of Mr. Jakhar. The AAP leader said that the current situation of the BJP in Punjab serves them right.

ETO also expressed shock over how ignorant these dynast politicians can be. He said that Punjab is facing a dire water crisis. CM Bhagwant Mann is continuously taking measures and decisions to save ground water of Punjab.

He is inspiring farmers to adopt direct seeding of rice and crop diversification so that we can save our precious resources. Our farmers have been fighting for years now for the promised right to MSP and Sunil Jakhar has the audacity to ask why we need MSP on crops other than wheat and paddy.

ETO further said that Sunil Jakhar conveniently disappear when there is a time to raise his voice for Punjab, its people and farmers. He never speaks up for the Punjab and on the issues of the farmers.

But how shameless of him that he held a press conference to defend the BJP government and Narendra Modi in the matters of agriculture. AAP minister quipped that Jakhar as a Congressman used to criticize Modi government and corner them on various issues of farmers but now he is speaking their language.

He said that today Jakhar is saying “ten years of Modi rule chiefly benefited farmers”, so the question arises when was he lying, as a Congressman then or as a Modi Bhakt now. He said that the people of Punjab do not have even one bit of interest or trust in whatever Sunil Jakhar says.





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