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BJP MLA forcibly takes ‘miracle baby’ from shelter home for son’s wedding, returns her next day

Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh), Dec 13, 2020-
BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra has landed in controversy after he took away a baby from a child shelter without any paperwork or permission, attended his son’s wedding and turned the baby back the following day.

The incident took place last week, but came to light on Saturday evening when a child shelter official spoke out.

The child, in this case, is the ‘miracle baby’ who was rescued after being buried alive in an earthen pot in the cremation ground in October last year.

Superintendent, Primrose Edmond, of the Warne Baby Fold, a shelter in Bareilly, said, “Last Sunday, BJP legislator Rajesh Mishra came and took the baby with him without any paperwork or permission. He went to his son’s wedding, took photos with her without any Covid-19 precautions and returned her to the centre a day later.”

Primrose further said, “No one is allowed to take the baby away. Only parents registered with the Central Adoption Resource Authority can adopt and then take the child. I was not in a position to say no when he took her because of his political influence.”

The MLA said he only meant to take care of the baby. “I have always been concerned about her. She was sick that day. I got a call that she was getting seizures. So, I went to the hospital with 20-25 men straight from my son’s wedding. I got her medicines and then came back to the wedding.”

Mishra had taken photos, holding the baby at the wedding, and neither the child nor he wore a mask.

His son also posted two photos of the one-year-old in which he was holding her up, and another in which his father is carrying her.

Those at the wedding said he had introduced the baby as his “adopted daughter.”

Earlier, the MLA had claimed on social media that he had taken the baby home and was bringing her up as her own. He said that he calls her ‘Sita’ and he is her ‘Janak’, in a Hindu mythology reference.

Officials, however, said that the MLA had not legally adopted the baby.

According to chairperson of the UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Dr. Vishesh Gupta, “By the law, a baby cannot just be handed over to anyone. The responsibility lies with the care centre. Here, the Warne Baby Fold staff are at fault. They should have informed the district administration or the central working committee members if someone was pressurizing them. The baby was clearly put at risk of infection. I will take appropriate action and write to the NCPCR (National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights) in this regard.

The controversial MLA, also known as Pappu Bhartaul, has 22 cases registered against him.

He had hit the headlines last year in July when his daughter Sakshi posted a video saying he was threatening her for marrying a Dalit man. (Agency)

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