BJP leadership wanted to get rid of Akalis, they even didn’t get an audience with Modi: Jakhar

Chandigarh, September 27, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Reacting over Shiromani Akali Dal core committee’s decision to break up ties with the oldest ally BJP, Punjab Pradesh Congress president Sunil Jakhar said on Sunday that Akalis had it coming for a while now. “Fearful of farmers’ wrath on one hand and being equally scared of antagonising PM on the other, caught between a rock and a hard place Akalis tried to do a balancing act, ” he said.

“Akalis didn’t want to break their ties with Bhartiya Janata Party and were keen to keep up this pretense of an alliance. Which is evident from their not walking out of the BJP-led NDA even when they were shown the door out of central cabinet and afterwards Mrs. Badal still insisting that she was not calling these laws anti-farmer and only farmers had termed these as anti-farmer, Jakhar said.

The state congress chief said that Akalis were desperately waiting for some sign of re-approachment from the BJP. But what to talk of the PM, no senior leader in the saffron party was willing to even meet them and their calls for seeking appointment went unheeded, he added.

“It was a clear sign that BJP saw through their game and were in no mood to accept a kind of loose arrangement akin to a ‘live in relationship’, being proposed by the Akalis. They wanted to get rid of the Akalis but didn’t want to be seen as initiators of this ‘break-up’. BJP’s contemptuous and dismissive behaviour did all the talking on their behalf and left Akalis with no choice but to walk off the coalition with a bit of semblance of self-respect if any, which was already in tatters, Jakhar said.

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