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Bigg Boss 14: ‘Nightie Queen’ Arshi Khan grabs ’em by the eyeballs

Mumbai, Dec 11, 2020-
Arshi Khan has entered the house as a challenger on Bigg Boss 14, and she is already grabbing eyeballs with her antics to stay in the limelight. Arshi, who has been a housemate on season 11, is a master at hogging the limelight, and her tricks have ranged from the smart to the crass.

What’s more, she has upped the stakes for all with her no-holds-barred gameplan.

The moment she entered the house, Arshi was seen flirting with television actress Rubina Dilaik’s husband Abhinav Shukla and was even heard saying things such as “you are mine”, “I will destroy you” and “I can even make you papa”.

Had it been a male contestant telling such things to a woman, while her husband watched helplessly, there would be public outcry about sexism.

Arshi was then seen running after Rahul Mahajan, fellow challenger in the show. Rahul, too, seemed uncomfortable was she tried getting up, close and intimate.

Her best ploy has to be the way in which she has been become toast of the CCTV cameras. From satin nighties to lacy robes and smokey eyes paired with thick eyelashes — Arshi is quite the seductress before the lens.

Even during a recent nomination task given to the housemates, Arshi did not let go of her nightie, while the entire house was seen in athleisure, she was seen carrying on in nightwear.

What really made heads turn is the way she dealt with Vikas Gupta, who had to complete four tasks. To grab eyeballs, Arshi started a feud with mastermind Vikas, her best friend. She was seen hitting him, misbehaving with him and yelling at him.

Importantly she slyly threw a spanner in his works when it seemed like he would score with the challenge of waking up everyone in the house. Arshi, though, had smarter ideas to spoil Vikas’ party.

The show has just begun and the drama has just started. Knowing Arshi, her best (or do we say worst?) is yet to come. (Agency)Arshi Khan

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