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Beyond Politics: Empowering Youth for a Stronger India – by TS Chawla

If any nation wishes to develop, it must be farsighted in taking well-planned steps for execution. Our country is characterized by its diversity in religion and culture, yet our democratic system seems to be hindered. Due to the intense competition for power among political parties, efforts are directed towards creating a promising future for all citizens.

The most effective way to progress is by prioritizing future generations, enabling them to be self-sufficient in various aspects of life, and also considering the current generation’s needs. The government should assist parents in formulating plans for the younger generation. However, if the government solely focuses on economic growth by favoring the affluent, the younger generation might be neglected.

Currently, unemployment remains a significant issue caused by governmental shortcomings. As a result, many young individuals are seeking employment opportunities abroad. Unfortunately, some encounter difficulties and face deportation, shattering both their dreams and their parents’ hopes. This has created an unfortunate situation where middlemen exploit these youngsters who, in turn, end up enriching foreign nations.

Punjab, in particular, has been severely affected by this trend, resulting in an exodus of young individuals and leaving behind an aging population. The Punjab government is striving to retain youth by offering employment opportunities and encouraging them to return.

In this context, it becomes challenging to envision a prosperous future for our country without the contribution of these young individuals. Regrettably, most political parties fail to recognize this, as they are solely focused on winning elections by catering to voters’ immediate demands, rather than prioritizing the long-term welfare of the nation.

Seventy-six years ago, our country gained independence through the sacrifices of remarkable figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, and many others. However, some present-day leaders exploit religion to create division and animosity. Instead, they should embrace India’s diverse, secular democracy that respects all religions and their rights.

The ongoing power struggle between the ruling party and the opposition is taking a toll on the citizens. The opposition is determined to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections, while Modi’s team aims to retain power. This intense competition is marked by extensive advertising campaigns, draining substantial resources. Unfortunately, the cost of living has risen, and people’s incomes have decreased significantly, exacerbating the difficulties faced by the population.

In this scenario, the unemployment of the youth becomes an even more pressing issue. The government must take strategic measures to guide young individuals and prevent them from making detrimental choices. Sacrifices are essential to ensure the country’s future.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions India becoming a leading nation. However, this dream requires a departure from petty political activities and a focus on stability, allowing citizens to rally behind positive change. Reflecting on the past nine years of governance, alongside India’s progress, there has been a sense of division and chaos fueled by the ruling party’s agenda. This must be rectified.

It’s shocking to learn that 98 students from IITs have taken their own lives in the past three years due to academic pressure and fierce competition. The government must urgently investigate the causes and implement measures to address this issue. Providing support through counselors and alleviating academic pressures will contribute to a brighter future.

Political leaders should spare time from their busy schedules to address these issues. By guiding young individuals away from negative thoughts, India can pave the way for a brighter future. While elections are crucial in a democratic system, comprehensive plans should prioritize the nation’s welfare over short-term gains, aligning with the principles of democracy.

TS Chawla is a Senior Journalist based at Ludhiana.
M: 93169-17706, 85919-06647

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