Badals cannot win municipal seat on their own, forget Haryana state: SAD Delhi tells bragger Bhunder

New Delhi, Sep 19, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The SADD advised the Badals not to brag about their popular appeal ahead of Haryana assembly elections, saying the family is the worst liability not only on its own party but also on the BJP.

Badal loyalist Balwinder Bhunder, a clone of DSGMC president MS Sirsa in religious illiteracy, has just boasted that his bosses in Punjab’s most hated party can successfully fight Haryana elections on their own.

“This looks like a typical Badal fraud to skim potential candidates for party ticket,” SADD chief Paramjit Singh Sarna told reporters. “If a family that’s most hated and is politically and electorally bankrupt in its home state of Punjab brags about its appeal in the neighbourhood, then there’s definitely some ticket scam happening in the trademark Badal style,” noted Sardar Sarna.

He observed that the likes of Bhunder, who has made the wild claim about the Badals fighting Haryana elections solely, have been ordered to issue such propaganda to attract ticket aspirants.

“The world knows that the Badals are a political liability not only on Punjab but also on the BJP,” said Sardar Sarna. “It’s an undisputed fact that the Sikhs shy away from the BJP because of the Badals. A Bhunder boasting about his masters’ popularity in the state of Haryana is nothing short of a ticket-selling fraud when the base was fully eroded in Punjab because of drugs, corruption and, above all, the beadbi incidents four years ago.”

Sardar Sarna advised Bhunder to devote the twilight of his life in learning Sikhi himself and in encouraging the Sirsa types to train themselves in the very basics of religious philosophy.

“Why underestimate the Sikh voters in Haryana or, as a matter of fact, your alliance partner?” the SADD leader asked Bhunder. “The BJP will certainly get Sikh support once it dumps the Badals forever. Till then, they are a liability.”

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