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‘BA pass’ doctor arrested for practicing on the basis of MBBS degree found in a Train

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Jaipur, June 26, 2019-

Rajasthan police have recently arrested one Man Singh Baghel, a graduate who was working as a practicing doctor in Sikar district by faking an MBBS degree which he accidentally found while travelling in a train five years back.

According to Pawan Kumar Chaube, SHO at the Ranoli police station, “Baghel found a medical degree lying on a train five years back while he was travelling to Mathura. The degree belonged to one Dr Manoj Kumar.”

However, instead of informing the police about the degree, Baghel changed the photograph and name on it with his own image and name and started posing as a doctor.

After working as doctor in Agra, few months back Baghel applied for a job in Sikar after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper, which offered a handsome salary.

Bagel cracked the interview and took up the job on February 1 by posing as Dr Manoj Kumar. However, soon after Baghel took up his new assignment, patients started complaining about his faulty treatment methods.

When a heart patient was referred to another hospital after his condition deteriorated, the authorities became alert and sent a team to verify Baghel’s personal details.

After Baghel’s ID card details were verified with the information given on the Election Commission website, it was found that he was not Manoj Kumar, but Man Singh Baghel, a resident of Agra.

The police arrested him from Palsana in Sikar district on a complaint lodged by the director of a private hospital. Baghel has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including Section 420 (cheating), Section 467 (forgery of document) and Section 468 (forgery for the purpose of cheating).

According to the police, thousands of patients in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have been duped by Baghel, whose two younger brothers run medical shops in Agra.  (Agency)

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