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At her Dublin concert, Taylor Swift plays up the Ireland connect of her album ‘Folklore’

Los Angeles, June 30 2024-

Pop sensation Taylor Swift, who recently performed in Dublin as part of her Eras Tour, has shared some of the inspiration behind her 2020 album ‘Folklore’.

The singer-songwriter opened up about how she developed the fictional story of her fantasy-inspired, pandemic-era album and revealed that Ireland played a big part in the story’s setting, reports ‘People’ magazine.

” ‘Folklore’ in general, it just belongs in Ireland,” she told the crowd after finishing her rendition of ‘Cardigan’ during her second night at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.

“How I imagined the album world looking (was like) Ireland. Storytelling with lots of different characters,” Swift continued, referring to the stories within the record.

“You guys have that on lock, too. That’s very Irish, the storytelling.”

The singer said that ‘Folklore’ was an opportunity for her to try a “different” style of songwriting that she hadn’t explored before, which included more linear stories and characters who “fall in love and get their hearts broken.”

According to ‘People’, Swift added that she got to serve as a narrator for once, rather than sharing her own personal feelings and experiences.

“When I was making this album, it was two days into the pandemic that I started ‘Folklore’, I wasn’t in Ireland. So I had to create an album where the imaginary world that I pretended to go to every single day while I was writing it… I gotta be honest, kinda seemed like Ireland,” the Grammy winner told the crowd.

“So we’re back to where we belong,” Swift added, before preparing to begin her track ‘Betty’ — yet another character from her story-driven album.

“‘Folklore’ belongs to you guys.” (Agency)

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