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AP Dhillon reveals he didn’t like track ‘Excuses’

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Mumbai, Aug 22, 2023- Punjabi music star A. P. Dhillon, who recently released his documentary series ‘AP Dhillon: First of a Kind’, has said that he initially didn’t like his chartbuster track ‘Excuses’.

He also shared that at times he is overly-critical about himself and his work and it does cloud his judgement and objectivity because he sets the standards so high.

Dhillon shared that for him life is a canvas and the inspiration for him and his team – Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon and Gminxr comes from what all is going around them or what they’re going through.

Dhillon told, “The inspiration comes from life, what all is going around us, from us dealing with something or if there’s something that affects us emotionally and mentally, we put all of that into army music.”

The ‘Brown Munde’ hitmaker shared the music making process saying it mostly starts with Shinda bouncing off a lyrical draft to the team.

AP said: “It generally starts off with Shinda writing the lyrics and then we kind of get hold of the idea and toy around with it. Sometimes I also write but I feel I am at times I’m too critical with regards to what I write, the beats that I produce or the melody.

“For instance, with ‘Excuses’ as I worte the lyrics to it, I felt something isn’t right in the lyrical structure or it’s not working out but these guys, they loved it. I didn’t like what I wrote on that song but, these guys gauged it correctly and looking back at it today, that track has created history.”

‘AP Dhillon: First of a Kind’ is available to stream on Prime Video. (Agency)

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