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Amarinder’s leisure and pleasure set Punjab back by two decades: Sukhbir Badal

Harpreet Mehami, Jalalabad May 4, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that in just two years, the Amarinder govt in Punjab “has put the state back by two decades and it would take a major effort to undo the damage which Amarinder has been doing to the state.

“Captain Amarinder Singh wasted all his own and the state’s time by remaining lost in leisure and pleasure, paying no heed to the sufferings and needs of the common people. He has undone the fruits of hard work for the people of the state.

“Aseen tinnka tinnka ikathha kar ke Punjab nu sanvaaria. Ehna ne do saalaan vich teela teela kar k rakh ditta ” said the SAD president, adding that as the Punjabis felt cheated by Amarinder, the Congress is up against a tidal wave of Punjabi anger.

“As a result, there is total chaos in Congress party in Punjab. Shocked by the intensity of this wave , most Cong leaders are running away from the field or keeping a low profile,” said Mr Badal.

The SAD chief said that instead of taking responsibility for the Congress disaster as a good General , Amarinder was passing the blame to juniors. “Impending defeat has thrown the Congress in complete disarray,” said the Akali leader Mr Badal’s observations came in the course of his speeches at huge and enthusiastic gatherings in villages Ghubaya, Halim Wali/Roraan Wali/ chakk Janisar, Paaliwala , Baahmani Wala, Ladhu ka , Bagge ke Mod and Jalalabad in the Ferozepur Lok Sabha Constituency from where he is contesting as an SAD BJP candidate”

The Akali supremo also came down heavily on the government for putting the farmers through harassment and humiliation at the Mandi. There is an acute shortage of gunny bags resulting in glut and shortage of space because of which procurement is progressing at a snail’s pace. Farmers are also being put through exploitation on discolouring of grains. Mr Badal said that the people of Punjab were paying the price of trusting Amarinder’s words.

“They trusted him because he swore by the sacred charan of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. No one could believe that someone could tell lies even after an oath by the Dashmesh Pita’s sacred charan,” said Mr Badal, adding that he could understand the people’s decision as some his own party men also found it difficult to suspect the sincerity of such an extraordinary oath.

“But Amarinder had other ideas. He knew he had told big lies. That is why in the first week after being sworn in as CM , he declared that he would never contest an election again in his life. This meant that there was nothing the people could do to harm him.”

“No wonder the Punjabis feel cheated and are determined to teach Amarinder a lesson in these Lok Sabha elections,” said the Akali supremo. Mr Badal said that the results of the Lok Sabha poll in Punjab will clear the decks for the return of the SAD BJP government in Punjab.

” We will turn the border belt of the state into an industrial zone with focus on textile industry. And the industry we will bring will have a balance between labour intensive and tech-intensive approach in order to give a fillip to employment for the Punjabi youth. We started the focus on diversifying the state economy and things had started looking up.

All the big business and industrial houses of the country and some with a strong global presence like Lakshmi Mittal had started the process of setting up bases in Punjab. However, in the past two years , Captain Amarinder Singh has found no time to convene even a single meeting to review and clear industrial proposals.”

The Akali chief said that he could not understand why the Amarinder govts was complaining of empty coffers despite halting all development projects and welfare initiatives started by the SAD.

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