Amarinder’s denial regarding free power to farmers a nervous response of a CM in panic, Sukhbir Badal

Chandigarh May 29, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

SAD president Sardar Sukhbir Singh Badal today described Chief Minsier Captain Amaridner Singh’s denial on his government ‘s move to withdraw free power facility to farmers as “ the desperate and nervous response of a Chief Minister who has been caught in the act ’ and who has obviously felt the pressure of the SAD’s and farmers’ warnings over the past 24 hours.,”

“The Chief Minister and his Congress government have obviously panicked sensing the impending resistance by SAD and farmers to his cabinet’s decision on replacing free power with DBT( Direct Benefit Transfer) He is now creating a smokescreen to hide his government’s real intent But he is still misleading the farmers on free power as he has not said a single word on his cabinet’s in principle decision to replace free power with DBT.,” said the SAD President in a statement here .

“Is it not true that the cabinet meeting chaired by you had decided to replace free power with DBT , which is just a cover for eventual withdrawal of free power? . Will you please explain what does your cabinet’s decision on DBT mean and how will the state government implement it if not by introducing metered supply?” Mr Badal asked the Chief Minister.

The SAD chief however declared that his party will “never let these diversionary tactics succeed. We will not let him scrap free power through the backdoor.”

Mr Badal asked the Chief Minister to come clean on his cabinet’s decision on DBT. “Why are you silent on that? Why not share with farmers what is really behind that scheme and what is its real and final intent,” asked Mr Badal

The SAD chief said that it had taken Captain Amarinder Singh more than 36 hours to come out with “this confused and bumbling denial which is clearly an afterthought and a bid to wriggle out of the tight corner into which he has painted himself,” said Mr Badal in a statement here this evening .

“But the SAD and farmers have no faith in his words as he has gone back on his promises several times in the past also. He had committed himself to free power in 2002 also but later went back and scrapped free power to farmers and introduced bills. The SAD and farmers had to fight hard then to force him to change his decision and reintroduce free power,” said Mr Badal.

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