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Amarinder attacks Parminder Dhindsa, says how can he respect people when he has no respect for his father

Chandigarh, May 17, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Ridiculing Prakash Singh Badal’s appeal for votes for Parminder Singh Dhindsa because “he had put party over family”, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh asked how a man who could not respect his own father be expected to respect or care for the people of his constituency.

Captain Amarinder mocked the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) culture, in which traditional values like love and respect for the family had no place, saying a party that promoted self over others had no business being in the electoral fray and could never win the hearts of the people.

The Badals, led by Prakash Singh, had always weighed their own interests over those of the people they ruled and had to suffer the vendetta of the angry and pained voters in the Assembly elections, said the Chief Minister, adding that the same story was all set to be repeated in these Lok Sabha elections.

Not just Dhindsa but the entire Badal clan and the Akali leadership were in for a unequivocal defeat, he said, adding that for Punjabis, love was always above hatred – a fact that the Badals had not realized, to their own peril.

Badal had earlier appealed for votes for Dhindsa on the grounds that the SAD candidate from Sangrur had “preferred the party over his family by deciding to contest the elections against the advice of his own father, Rajya Sabha MP Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, due to the latter’s differences with SAD chief Sukhbir Singh Badal.”

By encouraging and endorsing such disloyalty and disrespect on the part of Parminder Dhindsa towards his own father and family, Prakash Singh Badal had shown how little family values meant to the Akalis. “Does Badal really expect a man who cannot be loyal to his family to be sincere to his party,” asked Captain Amarinder, adding that the Akali ideology was clearly bereft of any value system.

The philosophy of the Akalis was centered on `mera mera’ (me, me) and not on Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji’s ideology of `tera tera’ (you, you), said the Chief Minister, asking the people if they wanted to promote the SAD culture in the state as against that fostered by the first Sikh Guru.

It was this belief system of the Akalis that had caused the people of Punjab to suffer during the 10 years of their rule, Captain Amarinder said, adding that the fact that Badal continued to push this ideology even after SAD suffered its worst ever defeat in the 2017 Assembly elections indicated that they had not learnt their lessons.

This showed how disconnected the Badals were from the ground realities of Punjab and the mood of its people, for whom family was an institution to be revered and nurtured, said the Chief Minister, pointing out that the choice before the people was between a party that has no principles and one that puts Indian ethos of loyalty, sincerity and relationships above all else.

A party or a candidate that does cares only for their own interests and the realization of their narrow political ambitions can never think about the needs or welfare of the people, which Punjab had seen during the decade-long rule of the Badals, said Captain Amarinder.





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