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AI to redefine patient health care industry: Harvard Professor Dr Jag Singh

Chandigarh, Feb 26, 2024 (Yes Punjab News)

Dr Jagmeet (Jag) Singh, a Harvard University professor says that digital devices and artificial intelligence shall make virtual care of patients a reality and more sustainable, at the release of his book “Future Care: Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and the Reinvention of Healthcare” in the city yesterday.

Based on his extensive research over the years at Harvard Medical School, Dr Jag Singh, an electrophysiologist in cardiology, said that AI is being now evolved to empower the doctors to provide highly personalized care to the patients on the basis of the individual’s data captured through different types of senors and wearable devices.

Dr Jagmeet Singh, cardiologist, physician, scientist, author, and Professor of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA, was in Chandigarh for the release of his book “Future Care”.

Dr Jagmeet (Jag) Singh who has been working through his research on device technologies and electrical therapies for cardiac disorders, feels that rapid digital transformation holds a lot of promise in not only in drastically improving the way the health care is delivered, but improving human lives.

With AI and ChatGPT, even the role of the cardiologists will change 30 to 40% in a next decade with the metamorphosis that the medical field is undergoing with digital transformation, and expanding the role of the cardiologists to even predict the medical emergencies that a patient might have with AI, and take appropriate preventive measures.

“Every organ in human body can be potentially monitored remotely through sensors to enable doctors to proactively intervene in advance, Dr Jag Singh said. There are already several sensors available to detect heart failure 13 days and lung cancer as early as six months in advance, he said.

There are more than 500 wearable devices that can be synced with smart phones to give early warnings and inform the doctors for corrective measures.

Padam Bhushan awardee, Dr. T.S. Kler, a renowned interventional cardiologist, formally released the book of Dr. Jagmeet Singh and said that the medical community will have to upgrade itself to provide better and sustainable health care to the critical patients, and save their lives.

“Future Care” makes an interesting read since it is all about patient stories and Dr Jag Singh’s personal encounters with disease management and how timely intervention through AI help and data analytics could save lives.

The book also talks about the new hybrid models required to help hospitals of the future to go virtual and adapt a hybrid model in patient care and remotely monitoring large number of patients through AI based diagnostic tools.

Dr Jag Singh reiterates that the essence of our research is to improve lives through forecasting and averting emergencies and disease through timely interventions.

Addressing some of the city’s discerning audience including several senior cardiologists, diagnostic experts, and medical professionals, Dr Jag Singh advised them to adapt the new technologies to their advantage and patient care.

Notable among those present during the function included renowned radiologist Dr. Ladbans Kaur, cardiologists Dr. U.P. Singh, Dr. H.K. Bali, Padamshree Dr H.S. Chawla, Dr. T.S. Mahant, eye specialist Dr. S.S. Grewal, Punjab’s DGP Sanjeev Kalra IPS, among others.




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