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After AR Rahman, Badshah to mentor Dharavi children

Mumbai, July 14, 2023- Popular rapper Badshah has turned mentor for children in Dharavi with ‘The Dharavi Dream Project’ (TDDP).

Badshah said: “The ideology of music being a healer and a platform of hope and aspiration solidifies my association with The Dharavi Dream Project. Hip hop was actually founded in mentorship. The only way it grows to the next generation is through mentorships and more specifically street mentorships.”

In 2013, Oscar-winning music composer A. R. Rahman, renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and serial entrepreneur late Samir Bangara came together to discover and nurture talents from Dharavi, besides helping them showcase it to the world with the launch of a not-for-profit organisation, TDDP.

Embarking on its 10th year, TDDP will be launching Dharavi’s first recording facility on Founder’s Day which falls on July 15 as a tribute to late Samir Bangara. In a bid to place the power and ownership back in the hands of the talent, the recording studio with its quality infrastructure and global sound systems, will join forces with Badshah for mentoring and empowering the talents at TDDP. The recording studio aims to set a benchmark within the homegrown hip hop community of India.

Badshah will also embrace the role of a mentor for the 100-odd under-resourced talent represented by ‘The After School of Hip Hop’, a hip hop academy in Asia instituted under TDDP that helps inculcate and sustain an environment which gives the under-resourced hip-hop talent a chance to acquire creative aptitude.

Badshah added: “I truly am passionate about discovering and nurturing musical talent and I am proud to be supporting such a diverse establishment that is investing in the future arts and music community and contributing to a hip-hop revolution. I’m grateful to MC Heam for introducing me to the lovely folks at TDDP.”

He said that such initiatives are sure to have a positive impact on the burgeoning music scene, empower and educate artists with more avenues to showcase their artistry and contribute to the overall cultural development of the community.

Dolly Rateshwar, Sushant Yattam & Tejashree Pol, Co-Founders, The Dharavi Dream Project further elaborate, “While knowledge sharing has been an active component at TDDP ‘The After School Of Hip Hop’, the need to expand opportunities for the under-resourced talent and showcase their craft on a more prominent platform via the right infrastructure which was largely missing.”

“This association will serve as a platform to mobilise the talent to take their craft to the next level and provide an artist-friendly space for talent to hone their craft, collaborate with other musicians and share their music with the world. This would benefit the whole ecosystem economically and uprise the talent in the ghettos of Dharavi.” (Agency)

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