Afghan Sikhs vulnerable, Sikh Diaspora should help them settle at safer places: Dal Khalsa

Chandigarh, March 26, 2020 (Yes Punjab News)

Terming it a heinous act, the Dal Khalsa strongly condemned the terror strike at Guru’s place in Afghanistan, killing 25 innocent Sikh worshippers.

Party Spokesman Kanwar Pal Singh said theirs heart goes out to the victims of the dastardly act carried out allegedly by the savages of ISIS.

Strangely, the attack comes a day after the United States announced to cut its aid to Afghan government by $1 billion over frustrations that feuding political leaders could not reach an agreement and form a team to negotiate with the Taliban.

He said Sikhs as a community has been vulnerable in the South east Asia. Afghan Sikhs have been made scapegoat in the deeper design of major world players operating in Afghanistan. Yesterday’s massacre of Sikhs is fallout of power struggle going on in Afghanistan especially ever since US signed peace deal with Taliban.

He observed that It’s testing time for Afghani Sikhs and their faith. This is second time in recent times that they have been targeted in a brutal way by ISIS militants.

The ISIS is a sworn enemy of all non-Muslims and even Muslims including Taliban, who have refused to come under Khalifat. To avoid further casualties, Sikhs can move to Peshawar in Pakistan as a refugee on temporary basis since Pakistan has millions of Afghan refugees under its protection. Imran Khan’s government can help Sikh on a humanitarian grounds, said he.

SGPC and other Sikh organisations, whether it is Punjab based or abroad based, should come forward to help these families in a all ways including their settlement at safer places.

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