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A User-Friendly Guide to Buy the Best Inverter Battery for Home

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Thinking of getting the best inverter battery for your home, but not sure which one would be the best fit for? Or maybe you want to upgrade to a better battery, but know little to nothing about batteries, then you are at the right place as we will guide you in choosing the best inverter battery for home in a simple easy to understand manner, helping you make better buying decisions.

So, without further ado, let’s get you up to speed!

Determine your Power Situation

The first step to choose an ideal battery is to determine your power situation, whether your area faces long and fewer power cuts, or frequent and short power cuts is the most important criteria for the kind of power backup you require. So, make sure that you have this figured out before moving on to the next step.

Choose a Battery According to your Load Requirement

Your choice of battery should serve your power requirement. Therefore, choose a battery that can handle all of your load requirements efficiently. Look at a battery’s Ah or ampere hour to determine a battery’s load capacity, the higher the Ah, the more power the battery can deliver. If you have a typical household, a battery between the 150 Ah to 220 Ah should be able to support all your home appliance. However, if you have a larger home with multiple heavy load equipment, then choose a higher Ah battery accordingly.

Battery Types you Can Choose

You can choose between GEL, Tubular and Flat plate batteries. All of them are unique and serve specific requirements.

GEL Battery: These are environment-friendly batteries that release minimal amount of fume or harmful gases and have zero spillage risks. If you are someone who values the environment and wants a battery that can handle load effectively during shorter and frequent power cuts, then a GEL battery would make a great fit.

Tubular Battery: These are powerful batteries, perfect for bigger homes with multiple heavy-duty appliances. They are a bit bulky and require more space, but its excellent load handling capacity and ability to perform exceptionally even under high temperatures makes these batteries a great choice for areas with longer and fewer power cuts.

Flat Plate Battery: These batteries are compact and perfect for smaller homes looking for a battery that’s small on size but big on delivery. They are perfect for frequent power cuts of a shorter duration, so if you are looking for a battery that can keep you comfortable during those troublesome outages but have less space to spare; the flat plate battery is an excellent choice.

Service Life and Maintenance Costs

The best inverter battery for home should be able to offer exceptional service life along with a low cost of ownership. Do your research and read customer reviews to determine a battery’s track record regarding service life and maintenance costs and opt for the battery with the most positive verified reviews.

The best batteries tick all the right boxes, and it is only those batteries that you should go for if you want maximum value for your money and don’t want to end up with a broken battery sooner than you expected. Luminous has a stellar range of GEL, Tubular and Flat Plate Batteries with exceptional service life and low cost of ownership across a range of budget and power requirements.

They are renowned for building some of the most extraordinary inverter batteries out there. So, if you are looking for a battery that’s big on delivery but friendly on your pocket, make sure that your check out their complete portfolio of the best inverter battery for home right away.

We hope this guide has been able to clear some of your doubts and questions about inverter batteries, and that you can now select the ideal battery without any hassles and bring home a battery that perfectly complements your lifestyle and power requirements.

*Photo Source: Luminous

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