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8 Instagram accounts for shoespiration

Sneaker enthusiasts are building communities on Instagram where they share their style, passion and exclusive collections

New Delhi, 10 oct, 2023
Sneakers have evolved from footwear to a big fashion statement for Gen Z and millennials alike. The way they express themselves is not limited to sneakers but extends to the gram’ too.

Sneaker enthusiasts today are building communities on Instagram where they share their style, passion, exclusive sneaker collections, create a space for conversations and so much more!

If you’ve been ‘sneak-ing’ around to be the first one to cop the latest drops or get in on the newest trends, look no further – follow these creators and communities that have been on the top of their sneaker game and will help you lace up and step into the world of sneakers.

Mihir Joshi

A quick look at singer and WWE Hindi commentator Mihir Joshi’s Instagram account is enough to give us a glimpse into his world of sneakers. He’s been a passionate collector of sneakers for over 20 years. He engages with his followers regularly through AMAs and Instagram Lives giving them perspective on starting their own sneaker journey and caring for them.

Through his community on Instagram “Into the Sneakerverse”, he shares his love for sneakers, talks about the culture, and how he supports the sneaker scene in India by helping his followers source the sneakers they love.

Aahana Sharma

One of the leading enthusiasts in the sneaker community, Aahana’s passion for streetwear is to look out for. Her enthusiasm for interacting with sneaker enthusiasts and collectors inspired her to build the Sneaky Link, a platform dedicated to bridging the gap between different collectors in an interactive way.

Apart from Sneaky Link, she also uses her own Instagram account as a space to connect with her followers and shares tips to care for sneakers, styling ideas, and even recommendations for all budgets.

Vineet Mhatre

A staunch lover of streetwear and sneakers, Vineet’s Instagram account is full of hacks to make sneakers last longer, where and how to sell used pairs, get limited edition sneakers for the retail price, and earn profits by selling sneakers in the resale market. Vineet’s Instagram profile is a one-stop destination for budding sneakerheads to learn more about this exciting industry and culture!

Suhana Sethi

A passionate collector who wears her sneaker obsession with pride, Suhana takes her Instagram followers behind the scenes of each pair and shares fascinating stories that make up the world of sneakers.

Beyond her personal collection, she even curates sneaker events that bring together enthusiasts and collectors through Shoevolution, a community on Instagram that promotes sneaker artists around the world.

Sneaker Preacher

Sanjay Khemchandani and Neha Sanjay together are Sneaker Preacher, a #SneakerCouple who boasts a collection of over 100+ pairs of sneakers! Sneaker Preacher has been helping their Instagram followers with their honest sneaker reviews and curated style content to make sure they get their hands on the best fits in the market.

Karan Khatri

For Karan Khatri, sneakers aren’t just footwear; they are a way to live life. His Instagram profile features posts where he is generally unboxing sneakers, revealing the top buys on a budget, sneaker shopping, new additions to his collection, and much more which makes him the creator to reach out to for all your sneaker queries.

Sugandha Tyagi

A Delhi-based artist who turned her passion for painting and sneakers into the world of customization. Her Instagram account is her primary platform to showcase her creativity, where one can find abstract designs to animated characters leaving an imprint on the mind. Her unique expression of art on sneakers is something to watch out for and a treasure to own.

Ranvijay Singha

Last but definitely not least, Ranvijay is a true sneaker aficionado. He is not only a collector but also a part of the sneaker culture, co-founding Sole Search, a marketplace for limited-edition sneakers and streetwear in India. His deep insights about sneakers and the sports culture, makes his Instagram account a treasure for sneakerheads.(Agency)





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