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6 Instagram influencers for your daily dose of laughter

New Delhi, February 4, 2023 – Who does not consume content on daily basis, whether it is Instagram reels and Youtube shorts or videos. The addictive source of entertainment has a lot of players in the game now, and the number only keeps growing each day. But there are only a few who have been successful in striking a chord of laughter and relatability with the audience.

Every day, new creators spring up to capture the attention of their audience with relatable content. There has been a shift in how youth consume content, with a preference for light and funny content. The popularity of comedy as a career has skyrocketed in recent years. It’s not just about telling jokes and being amusing. It all comes down to good writing, scripting, and delivery. These artists have honed their craft and amassed a following on Instagram.

With their witty and hilarious content, creators are taking over the internet. Instagram has provided a platform for these comedians to hone their skills and engage with their audience. Here we have curated a list of 6 Instagram influencers who have turned the platform into a laughing gas chamber, don’t believe us? Why don’t you check them out?

Dharna Durga: She has an ‘acting ka keeda’ inside her, Dharna creates content that one has never seen before. She doesn’t follow the trends but likes setting one instead. Dharna has achieved 190K followers on her Instagram handle. Dharna showcases content that is relatable to all age groups. She has created her own multiverse of characters who often feature in her videos as either Ramu Kaka, desi dads & moms, annoying neighbors, or the stereotypical relative among several others.

Jagriti Pahwa: She is a comedy content creator and is ruling over the internet with her sharp mind and interactive skills. Jagriti has 172K followers on her Instagram handle and 1.78 million subscribers on her YouTube account. She began her content creation journey in 2020 and was skeptical about it as she wasn’t sure she’d be able to make a living from it. So she pursued additional degrees and passed a few entrance exams in order to land a good government teaching job. Jagriti still believes it will take some time for her to achieve financial security, but her mind and heart are clear that she has always loved to create content and is ready to face any challenges.

Zee Aly: Truly showcasing her talent through ‘an untamed lens’, Zee’s content will remind you of Hyderabadi Mirch. She is funny, she is witty and her content will tickle your funny bones. You must have come across her videos on Bigg Boss contestants like Abdu which went viral on the gram in no time. With over 167k followers on her Instagram, Zee is more than a content creator, she is an actor who also featured in a Hyderabadi web series and also is an entrepreneur and founder of brands like Aangan Events and Hydrostan.

Raghav Sharma: He is an Indian content creator best known for his comedic videos. He has 79.7K followers on his Instagram handle. Raghav is famous for creating short, snappy, relatable comic videos based on everyday people, situations, and incidents. He has been creating funny content since 2020. He is a self-made superstar with a terrific sense of humour and has made a major influence on the youth. His videos have the power to instantly put a smile on the faces of his viewers. He is easily one of the best funny Indian Instagrammers!

The Bajis: Gulafshan Baji (Shazma) and Shabbo Baji (Soha) are a crazy sister duo making desi content to crack you up! They have 292K followers on their Instagram handle and also have a YouTube account that has 812K subscribers. Shazma and Soha flaunt their identities on reels and attack the lazy stereotypes that go with being a Muslim – Urdu dialects, biryani, ghazals, Eid sewaiyaan, sherwanis, and kohl-lined eyes. It’s a cultural commentary through which the Bajis are shifting the gaze and winning hearts.

Agasthya Shah: He is a young, passionate, and talented content creator who is known to make less than 30 seconds videos on YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. He has 403K followers on his Instagram handle. Agasthya makes Shorts videos that are generally based on observational comedy and his AG fam or Agasthians love him for the same. He makes lively content, makes people laugh and he shows how grateful he is for his audience. Agasthya has another IG account called @moreagasthya has 62.4K followers and this account is dedicated to men’s fashion and aesthetics. (Agency)

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