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11 AAP MLAs write letter to Punjabis, say Amarinder using muscle, money power to grab colleagues

Sangrur, May 8, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

Punjab Campaign Committee Chief of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Sunam MLA Aman Arora on Wednesday said that both Captain Amrinder Singh and Badal were indulging in rumour-mongering against the AAP and its elected leaders openly poaching on the party leaders via muscle and money power to weaken the party (AAP).

He said this while addressing media persons at party chief’s office here on Wednesday in the presence of Leader of Opposition, Harpal Singh Cheema and the who’s who of the party brass.

Formally releasing a 3-page open letter in ‘gurmukhi’, addressed to the people of Punjab worldwide and signed by party MLAs, including principal Budhram, Harpal Singh Cheema, Bibi Sarvjit Kaur Manuke, Aman Arora, Kultar Singh Sandhwan, Jai Kishan Rori, Prof Baljinder Kaur, Meet Hayer, Manjit Singh Bilaspur, Rupinder Kaur Ruby, andKulwant Singh Pandori (All MLAs) to bring to their notice the cheap political gimmicks played out by the SAD and Congress leaders to malign the AAP and garner political mileage as also to hide their colossal failures.

Arora said that the letter, addressed to all Punjabis across the globe, including people from all strata of society, the media (Print/electronic/social) touted to be the fourth pillar of democracy, and the teeming millions others whose heart palpitates for Punjab and Punjabiat, was shot off to apprise them of the anti-democratic and anti-people role played by the preceding governments ruling the state and the centre for more than 70 years now and how they had been indulging in devastating the democratic fabric of the country and denigrating its honour.

The AAP leader said that through this document they wanted to reach out to each and every and apprise them of all what were those at the helms of affairs doing just to deviate AAP from its chartered mission by spreading unfounded and uncouth rumors simply to decimate it by hatching conspiracies against it and its leaders, Arora said.

The Leader of Opposition (LoP) Harpal Cheema on said on the occasion that both the parties were in league with one another, upset its applecart by spreading misleading rumours to distract peoples’ attention from the core issues, including unemployment, menace of drugs, farmers’ debt, unending suicides by farmers and farm laborers, GSTs, demonetization, issues and concern of the traders and businessmen, the sorry state of government schools and hospitals, inspector-raj, the high and mighty mafia ‘raj’ ruling the roost in the state, the distressed poor and ‘dalits’ and the downtrodden the all-time high inflation, et al. He said that the people were pressing them hard to speak up on these issues of concern and not to indulge in a game of hide and seek.

He further added through this 3-page emotive letter written in ‘gurmukhi’ that Captain Amarinder Singh, the Badal clan and their agents were indulging in false propaganda against the AAP just to harm it in the run up to the ongoing Parliamentary polls and 2022 Assembly polls. He said that by indulging in such cheap political gimmickry, they had touched the new low.

He said that these parties had a one-point agenda – to defeat the AAP in the Lok Sabha elections to be held in Punjab on May 19, by hook or by crook which, what he described as wishful thinking, since it (AAP) had the support of the people of the state, who had already made up their mind to defeat the ‘facist’ forces.

Cheema said the people of the state had started quizzing them about the promises they pedaled among the people but never kept them, which he said, was tantamount to backstabbing the people who reposed faith in them. Both the Congress party and Badal were upset over the way people had been taking them to task for their backtracking on the promises and their alleged role in the desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and firing incidents.

Captain Amarinder Singh had, the AAP leader said, now been openly indulging in horse-trading to coerce the gullible people into his fold through muscle or money power, apparently to eliminate the party by resorting to illegal and unethical means.

The unholy alliance between the Badal-Captain duo came to the fore when they caught hatching conspiracy to clear the roadblock for 2022 elections, he said. Coming heavily on those week deserters, the leaders said they (those who defected) had not only ‘sold out’ their soul but had also ditched the countless people of their respective constituencies who reposed an abiding faith in them.

The letter further called upon the people to vote and support the AAP which had emerged out of a series of continuous struggles, saying it would never let them down by backing out on its promises of offering them a clean and corrupting-free dispensation by acting as a watchdog on their rights and continuing their fight for justice, be it the state Assembly or the Parliament or taking the road root.

The AAP leader said since both the Akali Dal and Congress party had willy-nilly accepted their imminent defeat in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, they had now started seeking favours from certain media house barons, web channels and even social media platforms, using them to chase their political agendas and ambitions by ‘misusing’ their good offices, and creating mistrust among the AAP and teeming millions of its sympathizers and well-wishers across the country, especially in Punjab.

The AAP leader through the written document also appealed to the media not to be misled by their evil designs of the unscrupulous politicians and perform their duty earnestly and cross-check the facts about certain raging rumours, if any, before going public.





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