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Sikh Cultural  Competency Training Connecticut US SikConnecticut (USA), 2014 (YP Bureau)

United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Community Relations Service (CRS), introduced their newly developed Sikh Cultural Competency Training, “Building Relationships and Engaging with Sikh Americans.”

This training, originally developed by SALDEF in 2001, provides information on the history of Sikhism, Sikhs in the United States, the religious articles of faith, and common issues facing the Sikh American community. 

This AMS events are organized by "Department of justice" under leadership of Mr.David Fein,US Attorney to State of CT, appointed by Mr.Obama

In these events they educate police officers, firemen etc about Sikhs and other cultures.

The training, entitled Building Cultural Competency: Arab, Muslim and Sikh Americans, provided information on the Sikh faith and theology, as well as the challenges facing Sikh Americans.

Sikhs have been facing lots of hate crime after 9/11 attack just because they are easily targeted as they wear turban and have beards.

There has been total more than 600 hate crimes reported so far and Sikhs have become Victims of homicide, assaults, vandalism, etc

Sikhs have been denied jobs in law enforcement and numerous corporate settings because of turban and beard.

Even are Sikhs kids faced problems of bullying in schools and still its battle for them every day to stand against everyday ignorance.

Officers also get special Credits to attend this training.

Mr.Azekah Jennings who is Senior Conciliation Specialist of New England Regional Office from Department of justice was also present there.

There were also presenters from Muslim community as well who highlighted the problems faced by Muslims after 9/11 terrorist attack.

Sikh Presentation was given by Swaranjit Singh Khalsa who has been recently authorized by Department of justice to give presentations.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa is also active member of Sikh Sewak Society International and usually hold Sikh awareness days in CT and is working hard on creating a positive awareness among people.

Khalsa also mentioned about recent attack on Sikh temple of Wisconsin by terrorist group.

He said “we don’t face problem and hate crime because we are Sikhs but we face problems because the way we look and due to ignorance that people don’t know we follow different religion and we are from Punjab, India”.

In presentation there was detailed knowledge about Sikhs articles of faith and about turban.

After the interactive session ended ,an informative question-answer session was held to discuss common misconceptions of Sikh Americans.

He invited police department to join Sikh community at nearest Sikh temple for Vaisakhi celebration.


Sikh Cultural  Competency Training Connecticut US 1 Sik


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